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Midagri: We will strongly promote the use of organic fertilizers

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The Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) announced that, to contribute to crop fertilization and ensure the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign, it will implement a comprehensive crop fertilization strategy that not only includes the use of synthetic fertilizers, but also the intensive use of organic fertilizers.

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“Although Midagri is focused on concluding the international process for the purchase of nitrogenous fertilizer (urea) to be destined for farmers in the field, in parallel through Agro Rual; FertiAbono through Banco Agrario and Banco de la Nación; It has other natural fertilizer alternatives (guano from the islands, chicken manure transport, inorganic fertilizers, etc.), which can be used and which have been made known at the time,” said the head of the sector, Andrés Alencastre, cites a Midagri press release.

In this sense, the minister announced that within a comprehensive strategy for the use of fertilizers, it is contemplated to meet the requirements of the agricultural campaign with organic and inorganic inputs.

In the first case, it will promote the use of ecological fertilization alternatives, such as accelerated liquid biofertilizer (foliar fertilizer), guano from the Islands, farmyard manure and inoculants with microbial strains, in addition to other fertilizer initiatives that are being worked on in the sector. .

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“If these products (organic fertilizers) are used together with synthetic fertilizers (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus), the assimilation capacity of crops is improved, thus promoting the reduction of this type of fertilizers (chemicals), whose high prices are not within the reach of small producers,” he said.

“In this way”, the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil improve and moisture retention also increases, which is currently relevant in the face of the impacts of climate change,” he added.

In this sense, the head of Midagri assured that the yields obtained with these organic fertilizers are positive and very good, so they present ecological, productive and economic benefits. “For example, between now and the end of the year, it is planned to have up to 40,000 tons of guano from the islands to serve farmers in the countryside,” he remarked.

He cited the case of guano from the island plus sheep manure, which has been successfully applied in the Huancavelica region for the cultivation of quinoa. Its use is recommended for organic agriculture in similar crops, such as corn, cereals, beans, peas, among others at the national level.

Finally, Alencastre stated that, while 20% of the crops are served by synthetic fertilizers, the rest will focus on the use of organic fertilizers, which will be able to serve the fertilization of crops in the current agricultural campaign.

Source: Larepublica

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