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Yape loan: how to apply for a microcredit of up to S/ 200 and what are the requirements?

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Recently, a new option was opened to obtain microcredits between S/ 150 to S/ 200 through the Yape loan, the app of the BCP. The electronic wallet provides the option to pay this credit in a single installment or up to 30 days. This functionality is under deployment and appears to users of the apps progressively.

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The interest rate for the Yape loan depends on the amount you request and the term you choose for the payment. “The later the payment date, the higher the interest”, specifies the digital wallet application. For example, a credit from S/ 200 to 30 days carries a commission of S/ 5, as long as the debt is paid on time.

How can I apply for a Yape loan?

If you decided to request the Yape microcredit, you must follow these steps:

  1. Enter Yape, tap on the three-line menu and then choose the ‘credits’ option.
  2. If this is your first time requesting one, a confirmation screen will appear. Accept to continue.
  3. Select the amount and payment date of your preference.
  4. Validate and confirm the data of your request.
  5. Subsequently, review and accept the terms and conditions of the credit.
  6. Enter the code that you will receive by text message and confirm receipt of your loan.
  7. Finally, all credit conditions will be sent by email.

At first, the Yape credit will be granted only to customers with a BCP account. Composition LR/BCRP/Yape

Requirements to obtain the Yape microcredit

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Initially, Yape’s credit will be granted only to customers with account of BCP. Therefore, payment will be made via automatic debit on the date selected by the user. Check out the full list of requirements:

  1. Be affiliated with Yape with a BCP card.
  2. Have your debit card active.
  3. Be up to date with your debt payments at any financial institution.
  4. Present a good behavior and credit history.
  5. Have your contact information such as address, telephone and email updated in BCP.

In this first stage of yape creditonly users with a password will be able to access account in BCP. In addition, those people who have never received a loan in the formal financial system will be able to benefit. It is estimated that there are more than three million users with these characteristics.

What happened to Yape’s loan?

The BCP indicated, in mid-July, that the functionality loan from Yape It would be available by the end of that month. From the financial entity, they confirmed that the microcredit is being deployed, so many bank users can now access their microcredit.

In the terms and conditions of Yape, it is indicated that users may have the loan function enabled “according to their credit profile”. In this way, the client will be able to “request a credit up to the pre-approved amount communicated in Yape.” If you have any questions, you can contact the BCP through WhatsApp (939 339 299) and its website.

Source: Larepublica

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