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Producers who left coca for coffee seek to open up to more markets

Producers who left coca for coffee seek to open up to more markets

Coffee producers promoted by the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (Devida) affirm that having opted for alternative crops such as coffee and cocoa has allowed them to take a positive turn in their respective regionsThey also assured that they want to continue working with this entity in charge of the national anti-drug policy by 2030.

Liz Espíritu Sharite, from the Shora Native Community of Alto Coriri (Junín), maintained that before they did not have the tools to process coffee and neither did they have market alternatives. In that sense, she said that thanks to alternative development and the technical assistance received, harvests have improved to obtain a quality product.

“For us it is important to continue working with Devida so that our product turns out well and its quality improves,” said Liz Espíritu Sharite, who also belongs to the Central Association of Shinchiri Agroecological Producers.

For his part, Daniel Osco Palacios, general manager of the Cooperativa Agraria Inagro Ltda (Junín), reported that they have been working for two years now with alternative crops, and that this has allowed many families from native communities in their region to improve their quality. of life.

Looking to enter the international market

Meanwhile, Oswaldo Cusihuallpa, from the Association of Typical Coffee Producers Pucamocco Yanatile (Cusco) said that they have been working with Of lifeand that before doing so, there was no improvement in the production of their product.

“The work on the alternative route is important for the peace of mind of our families and to have a legal market. Our goal is to enter the international market”, held.

The data

Eight producers promoted by Devida participate in the National Coffee and Cocoa Convention, which will bring together the most representative actors of these products at the national level.

Source: Larepublica

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