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National Holidays: demand for employment will grow above what was seen in 2022 this July 28 and 29

National Holidays: demand for employment will grow above what was seen in 2022 this July 28 and 29

For this campaign for National Holidays purchases and sales are expected to rise over last year due to greater liquidity in the pockets of Peruvians thanks to the bonus payment. In this sense, the demand for employment would grow, according to Adecco Peru.

“Like every year, on National Holidays there is an increase in business and this 2023 will not be the exception, so we estimate that, for this season, the demand for employment in the logistics sector will grow considerably, compared to the previous year”indicated Luis Garro, Manager of Adecco Industrial & Logistics.

Likewise, the rservices and consumer goods are the ones that will require more personnel at this time, since an increase andn production and storage areas, while an increase in distribution capacity is projected for July. For its part, the retail sector is always strongly activated on these dates, so the most required profiles will be those of promoter and sales promoters.

“In 2022, the sectors that represented more than 50% growth in the month of July were entertainment (amusement parks, circuses and clubs) along with hotels and restaurants. In this period, the retail sector represented 30% growth, mainly in electrical and telecommunications items, given the high ticket prices for these products,” said Lorena Carbone, director of Adecco Sales & Marketing.

At the same time, he reiterated that for this 2023 there will be a higher request for e-promoter, online promoters that provide a different shopping experience via telephone and shoppers, people in retailers who are in charge of packaging products requested by different e-commerce to speed up the delivery of orders.

In this way, “the logistics sector will continue to strengthen in 2023 and double-digit growth is estimated, since it has been taking center stage as a result of the pandemic. On the rise will be the services of picking, transport and distribution of merchandise”, added Garro.

Thus, for this festive season, the most required profiles within this division will be those of Warehouse personnel, mainly pickers, stevedores, forklift operators and/or stackers and inventories.

Source: Larepublica

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