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Cabotage: what is it and who benefits from this maritime transport?

Cabotage: what is it and who benefits from this maritime transport?

He Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) seeks to promote maritime cabotage as an efficient and complementary transportation alternative to land, which is a type of cargo transportation from port to port on the coast of Peru.

In this sense, the Council of Ministers approved the Bill that modifies Legislative Decree No. 1413, with the purpose that national and international ships can increase the shipping offer.

Paola Lazarte, head of the MTC, stated that the increase in national and foreign vessels It will allow the generation of a maritime transport offer where the beneficiaries will be the cargo owners, because they will have more frequent trips and more competitive freight rates. In this way, it is expected that foreign ships that make international transits can also carry out cabotage on the Peruvian coast.

The MTC also highlights that cabotage is participatory because the cost of the operation is redistributed among all the operators of the maritime and port logistics chain such as shipping companies, ports, warehouses and local transport, and even encourages the regional economy by through secondary ports.

Thus, this service would contribute to strengthening the economy and connecting the country by sea in the event of natural events or closures of land routes.

Source: Larepublica

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