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Fertilizers: Midagri has not yet signed a contract with a urea supplier announced two weeks ago

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Two weeks ago, the head of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), Andrés Alencastre, announced that the Italian company Union Sped would be the supplier of urea to meet the current agricultural campaign. However, the award contract with the foreign firm, to sell the country more than 65,000 tons of fertilizer, has not yet been signed.

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Sources close to the Executive point out that the delay is due to administrative issues, since Union Sped has not submitted its complete documentation.

In this regard, Eduardo Contreras, general manager of the National Confederation of Water Users Boards of Peru (Conajup), warned La República a few days ago that “experts in the matter” assured that the negotiation conditions were not favorable, to the point that Union Sped “had already submitted its waiver letter.”

“Alencastre said that he was going to be there for the first week of July, then fortnight, and then the first week of August. As it is going, it seems that it will be for the fortnight of October or November”Contreras noted.

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While the Grade researcher, Eduardo Zegarra, condemned the silent attitude of Midagri, since the delay in the purchase of fertilizers puts at risk 70% of the production of temporary crops. In his opinion, the acquisition should be canceled because it would only be on Peruvian soil in November, the month in which the first fertilization has already passed for most crops; and therefore he considers it more sensible to subsidize it.

Silence in the Fertibono

As an immediate alternative, Alencastre also announced two weeks ago that a S/138 Fertibono will be delivered to 132,000 small farmers in order to subsidize the purchase of fertilizer.

“We have issued an emergency decree to proceed with the delivery of economic support for producers with land of less than five hectares with prioritized crops so that they can access the fertibonos from August 22,” he said. However, to date there is no news about this bonus.

Source: Larepublica

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