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Camisea will finance heavy-duty vehicle conversions for up to US$45,000

Camisea will finance heavy-duty vehicle conversions for up to US$45,000

He Camisea Consortium announced that it is about to launch a new stimulus plan, through which carriers will be granted 4-year interest-free financing for an amount of up to US$45,000 for the change from diesel engines to CNG, as well as for the acquisition of new vehicles that run on this fuel.

During the Sustainable Transportation 2023 event, Pluspetrol’s Large Customers manager, Paul Bellsaid that this new benefit, which will contribute to the massification of natural gas in the country, will be financed with the resources of a fund of more than US$30 million that the Consortium created in 2021 to promote the consumption of GNV.

In the same way, the continuity of the “Bono Camisea GNV” plan that was launched in 2022 together with Cálidda was confirmed, which consists of the delivery of an incentive of between US$10,000 and US$15,000 to those interested in acquiring buses or trucks that work with GNV.

The executive also presented other proposals with which the Camisea Consortium promotes the use of Natural Gas in the mobility segment in our country, either as compressed Vehicular Natural Gas (GNV) or as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Pluspetrol: a fourth CNG station for Cusco

Among these initiatives under study, the expansion of the plan “Gas to Cusco”, which has been promoted since 2020 in alliance with Limagas. The objective now is to build a fourth CNG service station in that city, with an investment of US$ 2 million, which includes the conversion to CNG of more than 1,000 taxis, as well as the incorporation of 40 passenger transport buses to CNG. .

Likewise, the representative of Camisea reported the recent agreement with Limagas for the installation of 4 LNG service stations in the center and south of the country, in which the Consortium will invest US$2.4 million; an initiative with which stimuli will be granted for the acquisition of more than 120 heavy-duty trucks, powered by LNG.

These stations will be strategically distributed in a “LNG Corridor”, which will allow the main transportation routes of the center and south of the country to be linked.

Finally, Campana stressed the importance of promoting the use of gas in cargo and passenger transport, to improve the environmental quality of our populations, and additionally reduce dependence on other more expensive and imported fuels.

Source: Larepublica

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