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Banco de la Nación projects the creation of 10 million ID Accounts by the end of 2022

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What began with the challenge of getting financial help to people during the pandemic, without forcing them to leave their homes, became an opportunity to accelerate financial inclusion at an unprecedented rate, as stated by the National bank. In 2021, the entity developed the DNI Account project, creating accounts for 2.1 million Peruvians over the age of 18 who entered the financial system.

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This deployment is part of Multisectoral Strategic Plan (PEM) of the National Policy for Financial Inclusion, the BN will initiate in September, the creation of 2 million new DNI Accounts per month until reaching the goal of 10 million at the end of this year 2022.

Currently, the DNI Account allows the validation of identity and cell phone ownership in a virtual way, withdraw cash from the bank’s extensive network of ATMs without any physical means, use the money through the BIM wallet and buy digitally in Shops Sell More.

Likewise, it is expected that in the coming months the DNI Account will be the only “highway” in the country that connects the main electronic wallets (Yape, Plin and Tunki) and by the end of 2024, the bank plans to make the account available to all adults and make it the country’s must-have financial product in the age of digitization.

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In relation to the development of new functionalities of the DNI Account, the integration with the Yape wallet stands out, which will further enhance the value offer of the accounts given that the unbanked Yapera community will be able to access transfers and cash withdrawals at ATMs of the Bank of the Nation.

“In August, we have started to create two million accounts per month, adding 10 million to the two million accounts created in 2021 and next year we hope that everyone over 18 years of age will have a DNI Account with many functionalities. It is not ruled out that, for people who are not digital, mediate with other physical tools and make the experience much easier for them”pointed out Matías Sternberg, general manager of Banco de la Nación.

Likewise, the entity has been working on the development of new security measures for the DNI Account, such as identity validation through facial biometrics in order to avoid possible cases of impersonation at the time of account activation.

Source: Larepublica

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