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More than 222,000 workers were formalized and entered the payroll

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During 2021 and so far in 2022, A total of 222,764 workers from 6,720 companies were formalized and incorporated into the payroll thanks to the application ‘Verify your Chamba’, from the National Superintendence of Labor Control (sunafil).

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In detail, in the agriculture sector, 63,587 workers were incorporated, while in the services, real estate, business and rental sectors, 61,288 workers were formalized.

In the manufacturing industries 22,223 workers were added to the company’s payroll. Meanwhile, a total of 21,117 employees became formal in the wholesale and retail trade sector. While, in construction, 16,479 began to count on their labor benefits.

As required by the sunafil, this application allows workers to know, in an agile and practical way, if they are on the payroll of their companies. If they were not considered, alerts are issued for alleged breaches in the formalization so that the companies regularize this situation.

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In the same period of time, More than 735,000 workers from 146,434 companies made 1,033,235 queries through the application to find out if they were included in the payroll.

As a result of the consultations, it was also found that 177,698 workers were not included in the electronic payroll, therefore, since sunafil, the respective alerts were sent. Meanwhile, 609,993 workers were on the payroll, as required by law.

How to make inquiries?

To access the application, you must go to the Sunafil website www.gob.pe/sunafil, then go to the ‘Procedures and services’ section and access ‘Verify if you are on the payroll’. Another way to enter is to locate the ‘links of interest’ at the end of the portal and click on ‘Verify your Chamba’.

Next, you have to fill in the requested data, such as type of identity document, document number, email, cell phone number, RUC, business name or trade name, place of location and date you started working. In this way, it will be possible to verify if the personnel is on the payroll.

Source: Larepublica

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