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Leasing Bonus: 180 new monthly subsidies of S/500 for Lambayeque families

Leasing Bonus: 180 new monthly subsidies of S/500 for Lambayeque families

Twenty-ninth call. The Peruvian Government ordered the delivery of 180 new Housing Lease Bonds for Emergencies (BAE)) of S/500 for the families of the district of Jayanca, province and department of Lambayeque, affected by the mudslides.

According to ministerial resolution No. 218-2023-VIVIENDA, the potential beneficiaries are made up of the victims with collapsed or uninhabitable homes as a result of landslide produced by rainfall in the district of Jayanca.

The collapsed or uninhabitable homes referred to in the Lease Bond have been validated by the General Directorate of Housing and Urban Development Programs and Projects and are detailed in the list of potential MVCS beneficiaries. Said list must be published tomorrow, Monday 8.

The value of the Rental Bond of S/500 will be granted monthly for a maximum term of up to two years, for the rental of a home located in the department of Lambayeque.

Leasing Bonus: how to access?

Potential beneficiaries, within a maximum period of seven business days, counted from Monday, May 8, may submit the following documents signed by a representative of the family group:

  • The request for the granting of the Leasing Bond.
  • The affidavit of not having housing other than the collapsed or uninhabitable located in the department of origin (Lambayeque).
  • The rental contract of the house signed with the landlord of the same with legalized signatures before the justice of the peace or notary public.
  • If applicable, the sworn statement of the signatories of the aforementioned contract declaring the economic impediment for the legalization of signatures.

Next, the District Municipality of Jayanca sends to the MVCS, through the latter’s physical or virtual reporting table, the documents presented by the potential beneficiaries, up to a maximum period of three business days, counted from the last business day of the due date. of the period indicated in the preceding paragraph.

The DGPPVU verifies that the homes to be leased, which are included in the applications for granting the voucher, are not validated as collapsed or uninhabitable and sends the final list of potential beneficiaries to Fondo MiVivienda SA within a maximum period of five business days. counted from the expiration of the maximum term granted to the District Municipality of Jayanca for the remission of the documentation.

The calculation of the term of the grant begins on the date of the first collection of the Leasing Bond in the Banco de la NaciĆ³n by each beneficiary. Potential beneficiaries who submit applications after the established term lose the right to S/500.

Source: Larepublica

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