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Reprivatization of Talara remains in the hands of Fujimori

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The reconformation of the Energy and Mines Commission does not guarantee a real change of direction regarding decisions that cannot be postponed for the energy security of the country, such as the destination -in the next six years- of the Talara lots.

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That Fujimorism has kept its four representatives (three repeating the plate as starters) as in the 2021-2022 period, but that Peru Libre has gone from five to two, reveals an extinction of forces that tips the balance in favor of those who Before, they voted in favor of the reprivatization of the 90 million barrels of reserves that still remain, according to data from Perupetro.

The most pointed slope of the management of the exaccionpopulista Carlos Alva, now the only member of the group for Integrity and Development, is, without a doubt, the statement that seeks to extend the concession of the northern lots for at least ten more years, under the argument of ensuring investments in hydrocarbons in a country, paradoxically, each year more in deficit and dependent on the international market.

While Alva was president, she promoted the retroactive reprivatization with the idea that these companies invest in ten years what they did not invest in almost thirty, even when the SNMPE itself has recognized that investments in the sector require a broad horizon, not filled with a additional decade.

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PL 804/2021, by Alva itself, was presented so that oil contracts can be homologated with gas contracts for up to 40 years, in addition to being extended for terms of 20 years each time up to the economic limit of the contract area, that is, until the last drop is drained. He received the support of Fuerza Popular, but not the approval of the Economy Commission.

Then came PL 2279/2021 from congressman Jose Jerí (Somos Perú), which also proposed raising the concession years to 40, but no longer automatically, but “raising the fence” with an investment calendar, salary improvements, natural gas in the area of ​​influence, among other points. He wanted to go hand in hand with PL 804, but he did not go beyond commission either.

Alexei Huerta, professor at UNI, does not rule out that this new alignment could revitalize some of the projects, or present others along those lines. He recognizes in this a detriment against the Petroperú refinery, which could be fed with Talareño crude that is not sold at international prices, as is the case to date.

“Petroperú could adjust refining costs without ceasing to be competitive, with a better price margin towards the market to lower fuel prices,” assured the specialist.


Finished. There are 6 lots that expire before 2028: X, II, VI/VII, Z-2B, XV and V.

Production. In Talara it fell from 44,000 barrels per day to 20,000 since the privatization of 1992.

The key

Disputed. Jorge Flores Ancachi will chair the Energy and Mines Commission. In an official letter addressed to the president of Congress, Lady Camones, it was requested that no congressman with an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office chair ordinary commissions.

Source: Larepublica

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