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Executive does not comply with Fonavi law 4 months after enactment

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Almost 4 months have passed since the law was published that seeks to guarantee the full return of the money from the National Housing Fund (Fonavi) to the workers who contributed to it; however, far from starting the process, a situation of entrapment has arisen.

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The law states that an ad hoc commission must be formed, made up of three members from the National Federation of Fonavistas of Peru (Fenafp), three from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and one from the Pension Normalization Office (ONP).

This commission is the only one responsible for establishing the refund procedure, but until now none of the members of the Executive has appeared at the sessions, which is why its installation has been hindered.

“We are preparing legal actions against these officials, because we already have the laws, a sentence from the Judiciary and the Constitutional Court (TC); this must go through a political decision of the Executive,” said Jorge Milla, director of Fenafp and representative before the ad hoc commission.

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The leader, in dialogue with La República, explained that the lack of participation of the officials responds to the fact that the Executive seeks to delay the time until the TC decides on the lawsuit filed in the Sagasti government to law 31173 and seconded by the management de Castillo, who through his attorney has requested the Court to add, by connection, the new law 31454.

“That is not going to be resolved by the TC in a short time, especially when there is a new Court that has just been installed and that has to take cognizance of the case,” Milla specified.

It should be noted that the lawsuit presented by the Executive essentially seeks that the TC order that only the contributions of the workers be returned, without counting that of the employers, which would reduce the total amount of return from S/42,000 million to S /6,000 million.

“The Executive has to see the mechanisms to assume that debt. It can be via external borrowing, use the contingency reserve fund or include it in the budget law for 2023,” Milla said.

Meanwhile, the Executive has not ruled on how it will pay its debt.

They will seek dialogue

The Fonavistas have found support in Congress. Through parliamentarians from different benches, they seek to meet with President Pedro Castillo and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Kurt Burneo, in the coming days to request compliance with the law.

“We hope that the position of the new minister [Burneo] be different [a la del exministro Oscar Graham]Milla concluded.

Register of exfonavistas

The return of the money corresponds to all those who contributed between 1980 and 1998, which is the period of validity of the National Housing Fund (Fonavi), Jorge Milla specified.

It also includes those who made up the 19 lists of the first returns, since that is considered an advance.

Fonavistas who are not yet registered can do so through the official website www.fonavi-st.gob.pe/.

Source: Larepublica

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