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Pension 65: 25,000 new elderly beneficiaries were included in the last census

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The list of beneficiaries of the National Solidarity Assistance Program pension 65 of the July-August two-month period includes 25,000 new older adults in extreme poverty affiliated to the social program attached to the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDI).

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On Monday, August 15, Pension 65 began the delivery of the bimonthly subsidy of S/ 250 to its 602,043 beneficiaries in the 1,874 districts of the country. With the new affiliations, the goal of 45,000 incorporations programmed for this year was reached. The first 10,000 were given in the register for the two-month period January-February and the remaining 10,000 were registered for the payment process in March-April.

“The goal is to serve as many elderly people in extreme poverty as possible. We are moving decisively towards closing the program coverage gap, and the registry has been progressively increasing this year. Emphasis has been placed on the affiliation of older adults from the prioritized groups, according to the new preference, such as those belonging to Amazonian population centers especially,” said the executive director of Pension 65, Hernán Pena.

In the July-August register, there are 2,625 new older adults from Amazonian population centers affiliated with Pension 65. To date, in total, the program has 79,842 beneficiaries in 6,515 Amazonian population centers in 11 regions.

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The current registry includes 28,985 beneficiaries in the Vraem area, 15,582 in the Alto Huallaga area and 56,296 in border districts. Likewise, 1,498 recipients of Pension 65 are over 100 years old.

The delivery of the subsidy, through the so-called payment carts of value transport companies (ETV) to the beneficiaries of the program residing in rural and dispersed areas that lack financial entities, will be made in stages and progressively from September 19 .

Total, 464,400 beneficiaries of Pension 65 will receive the subsidy in Banco de la Nación agencieswhile 137,643 will do so at rural payment points where the paying carts will arrive.

extraordinary grant

Parallel to the delivery of the economic subsidy for the July-August two-month period, Pension 65 also began on Monday, August 15, the payment of the additional extraordinary subsidy of S/ 250 to the 577,043 beneficiaries who made up its list for the May-June two-month period. , as provided by Law 31538, in order to reduce the impact of rising prices of products in the basic family basket.

“This is the second extra grant awarded by the program. The first was paid in March-April, also as support in the face of rising food prices,” said Hernán Pena.

Through the mobile application Yachaq of Pension 65, the beneficiaries of the program can know their date and place of collection of the bimonthly subsidy, and verify if they will receive the extra support. It is a free application available for mobile devices with Android system. It is found as Yachaq Pension 65 in the Play Store.

Source: Larepublica

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