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This week a contract will be signed with a urea supplier

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The Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Andrés Alencastre Calderón, announced yesterday that this week the process of international purchase of urea to meet the requirements of small producers and guarantee the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign.

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“The issue of urea is already concluded. Next (this) week we must finish all the procedures so that the ships are already on their way to Peru and can download [el fertilizante] in the three ports of the coast, they can be in the warehouses and start the distribution”, he pointed out.

According to La República sources, the Italian company Union Sped has already been notified and this week the contract will be signed. It should be noted that the company was chosen after the Comptroller General of the Republic submitted observations on Ready Oil Supply LLCwhich had been announced as the winner on August 2.

More support for agricultural producers

The Minister Alencastre reiterated the commitment to issue a rule to provide an economic incentive to producers of less than 5 hectares of rice, corn, coffee and potato crops, as part of the so-called Fertibono.

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In addition, he specified that the sector had achieved the increase from 20,000 to 40,000 tons of island guano to serve the crops of small producers. “We are going to work on changing the fertilization matrix, from synthetic to organic, and make it part of the public policy to encourage the incorporation of organic inputs in production. [agrícola]”, he stressed.

Finally, Alencastre stressed the importance of continuing to register in the Register of Agricultural Producers, which will be a fundamental tool in the distribution of urea to producers of less than 5 hectares. To date, the register has already exceeded half a million registered farmers.

The data

Organic. Agricultural producers in Huánuco harvested 92 tons of yellow Tumbay potatoes, an input that was paid only with guano from the islands.

Source: Larepublica

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