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‘Many automotive factories in the world no longer produce vehicles for the type of fuel that Ecuador has’

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The Ministry of Energy has assured that the plans to improve the quality of gasoline are maintained. This despite the fact that this week the plan for ecoplús 89 gasoline was suspended, which would be resumed in the last week of August. Parallel to this project, Petroecuador has already started the process of importing super premium gasoline, which will be 95 octane. This project is important -considers Genaro Baldeón, executive president of the Association of Automotive Companies of Ecuador (Aeade)-, since 95 gasoline is what is required for the use of euro 5 and euro 6 vehicles, more friendly with the environment. . He assures that these are not necessarily high-end, as these new technologies apply to any vehicle, even under $20,000.

What is your position on the arrival from October 12 of a new 95-octane gasoline as announced by Petroecuador?

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What we have always argued is that there must be a real improvement in gasoline, and that it must be better than 92 octane. Even 92 is not enough for new technologies such as euro 5 and euro 6. Our 92 gasoline now serves euro 3 emission standards, a regulation that was in force in Europe until December 2004. Many automotive factories in the world already They do not produce vehicles for the type of fuel that Ecuador has, not to mention the 85 octane. A good number of vehicles that arrive in the country, so that they can be marketed, must be adapted. As a consequence, certain models end up being even more expensive because there are few production volumes for small markets with poor gasoline quality. We have to catch up with the world and even with the region itself. Improving the quality of fuels is a necessary step for the energy transition. Let us remember that the market for new vehicles that require gasoline or diesel is still over 99% in Ecuador. That is why we have been working tirelessly over the years and we hope that the process of importing and marketing gasoline suitable for euro 5 and even euro 6 vehicles will be completed, as planned. With this 95-octane gasoline, there is already the possibility to have these latest combustion technology engines in Ecuador. It should be noted that 95 octane gasoline is not only for high-end cars.

How do you determine which vehicle is high-end?

High-end is a category of common use -not technical- to indicate a luxury car or a car of considerable value. But 95 gasoline is not only for luxury cars, since the emission standard euro 5 or euro 6 is a current requirement in other countries for any type of vehicle, regardless of its price or “range”. These standards and associated automotive technology mean that engines consume less fuel, emit much less polluting gases and need better quality fuel for their proper performance, but their price can be even less than $20,000. Many of these engines are small in displacement (for example, less than 2,000cc), but are more efficient, with state-of-the-art catalysts and filtration systems, and can also use turbo boosts.

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How have you seen the behavior of consumers, what are the motivations of the client, are they concerned about the environment, the price? Do we have figures on how the vehicle fleet is made up now?

We have some figures of the technologies that enter the country, but not of the entire market but of the companies that report to us. The segment of hybrids and that of euro 5 technologies have been growing strongly. The manufacturer recommends what fuel to consume depending on the type of vehicle. If the cap is lifted where you put the fuel or in the owner’s manual there it tells you the type of fuel you should use. Now, what people are using, that’s another story.

What percentage of the market uses euro 5 and euro 6 carts?

We have a significant volume of Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 technology in the country. More than 60% of the market is between these three segments. According to our last July report in Ecuador there are 47% euro 5 vehicles, 22.3% euro 4 and 3.4% euro 6. Vehicles belonging to euro 3 are at 26.8%. If you only look at hybrid cars, 55.1% have euro 6 emission standards, and 33.4% have euro 4.

What if cars don’t use better fuel?

When vehicles are designed to have better quality fuel and lower quality fuel is used, the engine can report performance problems and also damage, which can lead to voided warranties. The dealer will normally test the fuel that is in the tank and if it is found that lesser quality than the manufacturer’s claims was used, there is a possibility of voiding the warranty. Alarming cases have occurred in regions where the fuel is even worse, such as in the area of ​​influence of the Shushufindi refinery, in eastern Ecuador. There, complete damage to diesel engines has been known, including new vehicles.

At a car fair, a vendor told the public that an SUV car from a Japanese brand with a 1,200 engine and a turbo, that is, the latest technology, could put extra gasoline or eco-country. Why does this happen?

I can only tell you that whoever establishes the type of fuel suitable for a certain vehicle is the manufacturer, in accordance with the technical specifications and as indicated in the owner’s manual. But if perhaps the dealer tells you that you can put a lower quality gasoline, then it would be understood that if there is any problem later, this dealer must assume the guarantees. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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