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CEO of DP World Ecuador: Companies that today manufacture in Panama have shown interest in coming to Ecuador, to our ZEDE

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Three years ago, the deepwater port of Posorja, in charge of DP World, began operations and with an investment of more than $500 million, it has managed to capture a significant percentage of the country’s port movement and offer innovative pioneering services such as a Special Zone of Economic Development (ZEDE). Carlos Merino, CEO of DP World Ecuador, tells Diario EL UNIVERSO the results of these three years and the expectations of the youngest port in Ecuador.

What is the balance of these first three years of DP World in Ecuador with the Port of Posorja?

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It is extremely positive, the fact that the DP World model is implemented in Ecuador and we are seeing success today tells us that it is indeed a success to be here, not only at the port level, but also with the rapid innovation of the Zone Special Economic Development (ZEDE), has had a lot of attraction from potential clients and we see that this set of activities and infrastructure with a port and a free zone stick in Ecuador.

With a 30% progress in works, the Logistics and Industrial Park being built by DP World Posorja already captures the attention of investors

How many TEUS (containers) are you moving?

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This year we are going to reach about 400,000, 420,000 TEUS, next year I think we will be able to approach 500,000 TEUS, that means for us a growth of 25% per year.

How much cargo from Ecuador leaves through this port?

At the TEUS level, we could say that we export about 100,000 containers a year.

How much do those 100,000 TEUS represent in the country’s total exports?

20% could be.

What are the specifications of this new ZEDE?

Our ZEDE has 120 hectares, of which, in a first phase, we are intervening more or less 10,000 square meters; of these, 3,000 square meters are closed warehouses for logistics operations and the others are blocksland areas, where industries can come to develop a factory, an industrial plant and obviously have the great advantage that the port is next to where the materials arrive and where their sales can leave.

What has been the investment in this first phase?

The investment has been of $8 million and it is projected to invest about $15 million in the first phase. What is the investment projection? I couldn’t tell you why we’re talking about 120 hectares, but in the short term let’s talk about $15 to $20 million.

Carlos Merino, CEO of DP World Ecuador. Photo: Peter Tavra Franco

When is the ZEDE inaugurated?

Next month (September).

How many companies are within this ZEDE?

Today we have twelve logistics companies, but we have quite a few industrial companies interested in moving, not only local operations, but also international operations, companies that previously or today do maquila in Panama, for example, have shown their interest in coming to Ecuador and maquila here. in our free zone to enter the Ecuadorian market, but also from here to get their exports.

What are the benefits that companies obtain by coming here to the ZEDE?

Basically the proximity of the port on the one hand, but on the other there are also tax incentives and let’s remember that the ZEDE is based precisely on that, on tax incentives, but with the aim of increasing investment and quantity of labor.

National Assembly denied and archived Executive Investment Law

The Investment Law, which did not pass in the Assembly, was going to promote this type of investment models. What happens now, how do you compensate for the lack of this law to attract this capital?

I am confident that an agreement will be reached and that somehow all this that was already there, which is the framework in which the ZEDES will operate, will return through an Investment Law.

What are the expectations of the port of Posorja?

Growing, serving increasingly larger ships, we see that a change in ship format is taking place worldwide, larger ships are going to come to the west coast of the South Pacific and here we are ready to dock them. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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