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Marches for Labor Day in Peru LIVE: CGTP asks for a minimum salary of S/2,500

Marches for Labor Day in Peru LIVE: CGTP asks for a minimum salary of S/2,500

The General Confederation of Workers of Peru and the Unitary Confederation of Workers of Peru They carry out a national mobilization on this Labor Day. Know minute by minute all the events in this note.

This Labor Day, the main Peruvian trade union centrals carry out a mobilization throughout the country. The General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP) and the Unitary Confederation of Workers of Peru (CUT Peru) take to the streets to protest for their labor rights. The workers demand that fraudulent outsourcing be deactivated, as well as an increase in the minimum wage, among other requests. The concentration in Lima has taken place is in the plaza Second of May. Find out everything you need to know below.

Labor Day 2023 LIVE: follow the minute by minute of the marches on May 1

Ombudsman reported mobilizations similar to those in Lima in other parts of Peru

In Lima, from early to late afternoon, there was a march for labor rights. Said demonstration was also against the government of Dina Boluarte. The Ombudsman’s Office also reported similar mobilizations in other parts of Peru, such as in Ica, Apurímac and Puno.

Secretary of the CGTP: “The salary is not enough even for the tickets”

On this Labor Day, Jerome Lopezsecretary of the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP), asked the government of Dina Boluarte to increase the minimum wage to 2,500 soles. “The salary is not even enough for the tickets, the tickets have gone up”; she exclaimed.

Jerónimo López talks about the possibility of meeting with the head of the MTPE

The secretary of the CGTP He spoke of the possibility of meeting with the head of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion. According to Jerome Lopez, They would be talking with Antonio Fernando Varela Bohórquez in June, about an agenda with 19 specific points, the main one being the increase in the minimum wage.

Photo: diffusion

César Tito, leader of Sutep, denounces policies of the Boluarto government on Labor Day

César Tito assured that the policies of the current government and Parliament have very negative impacts on the working class of Peru. “For us it is a mockery that Congress has allocated a special bonus (S / 9,990), as long as there is no increase for the working class,” exclaimed the leader of Sutep.

Photo: The Republic

10,000 teachers are unemployed in Arequipa, according to teachers from that region

According to the president of the Arequipa Association of Hired and Unemployed Teachers, there are 10,000 teachers who are engaged in other activities in the region.

“We have called for a sit-in due to the precarious situation in which thousands of teachers in the Arequipa region and at the national level are in,” said the leader. This Monday, May 1, they protested in the main square of the White City.

Video: El Pueblo newspaper

This is how the protests for Labor Day were experienced near the Palace of Justice

“For justice and dignity!” exclaimed the protesters around the Palace of Justice.

Video: Twitter

Dina Boluarte: “In this management, the rights of workers will not be cut in any way”

This morning the 2023 labor order award ceremony was also held by the president Dina Boluarte. At this event, the president stated that “this is a government deeply committed to respecting and defending workers’ rights. In this management, the rights of workers will not be cut in any way because they are acquired rights, there will be no setback.

Photo: Felix Contreras/La Republica.


What are the demands of the CGTP?

On this date of Labor Day They request “respect for eight hours of work, better working and health conditions, respect for collective bargaining, and the right to strike,” according to Jerónimo López, secretary of the CGTP.

Feminist collectives march together with the CGTP

On the march for Labor Day, not only unions were mobilizing in the Center of Lima. In addition, feminist groups have joined the May Day demonstrations.

Photo: CGTP/Facebook


How much is the current minimum wage in Peru?

He minimum wage in Peru it amounts to S/1,025 per month for an eight-hour shift or 48-hour work week.

What did the CGTP representatives say at the march?

The secretary of the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP), Jerónimo López pointed out that in June the representatives would be meeting with Minister Varela, to whom they will send a labor agenda with nineteen points to discuss in favor of the workers. Among the requests would be salary increasethis should amount to S / 3,000, as he commented.

Photo: Mary Luz Aranda


Since when is Labor Day celebrated and what marches were there then?

It is a May 1, 1886, that 307 demonstrations were called, in the context of the Industrial Revolution, when a large number of workers demanded that tiring days from 12 to 18 hours no longer be carried out. The workers asked for eight working hours.

Thus, more than 88,000 workers gathered in Chicago. This date only became valid in 1889. The Second International organization marked May 1 as the day on which the eight-hour day and the demands of the working class will be commemorated.

Photo: diffusion/The Republic


CGTP is concentrated in Plaza Dos de Mayo

follow on The Republic all the news and development of the mobilizations for this Labor Day

VIDEO: Mary Luz Aranda

Secretary of the CGTP: “We will ask the Minister of Labor that the minimum salary should be S/2,500”

“The minimum wage now to compensate for the cost of living must be at least between S/2,500 to S/3,000 soles, it is what we have been demanding for many years,” Jerónimo López, secretary of the CGTP, told reporters from La República.

What time did the marches start and where was the concentration?

The marches for the Labor Day began at 9:00 a.m. The concentration in Lima was in the Two of May Square.

Photo: CGTP

Source: Larepublica

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