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San Juan de Lurigancho, Villa María del Triunfo and Carabayllo have the cheapest fuels

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In recent days, La República has been able to verify that the taps of metropolitan Lima and Callao have not yet bothered to translate the complete reduction in fuel prices, to the point that they maintain a profit margin of up to S / 2.00 for each gallon sold (specifically, for the gasohol of 95).

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In that sense, both the Indecopi What Osinergmin presented a list of the districts where you can find the fuels at a modest price.

It is worth emphasizing that our country is subject to the importation of fuels as it cannot cope with its own production, which is why prices are so volatile; however, the reference values ​​have registered a decrease of up to 5.17%, and continue to fall for eight weeks in a row.

Diesel falls and approaches S / 16

According to data collected by Osinergmin in its Facilito application, the cheapest diesel in the capital is found in San Juan de Lurigancho (SJL), on block two of Próceres de la Independencia avenue, where a gallon costs S/15.92.

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It is followed by Villa María del Triunfo (VMT), specifically in the Vallecito Alto urbanization, with a value of S/15.79 per gallon.

While in Carabayllo and Cercado de Lima, a gallon of diesel is offered at S/15.99 (see infographic).

In the case of taps in Callao, diesel is offered at S/16.20, specifically in Ciudad Pachacútec.

And, as for 90-octane gasohol, in Ate Vitarte you can buy a gallon for S/18.79 on the 30th block of Separadora Industrial Avenue.

They are followed by Comas and Cercado de Lima with values ​​of S/18.89 and S/18.95; while in Callao, at kilometer 6.5 of Av. Nestor Gambeta, costs S / 18.90.

Huancayo, the region with the most comfortable price

In the province of Huancayo, Junín, both the price of diesel and gasohol of 90 costs S / 12.70 for each gallon. It is followed by Madre de Dios (S/14.70 for diesel) and Cusco (S/12.80 for gasohol 90).

They condemn usury

Aurelio Ochoa Alencastre, former president of Perupetro, explains that the fuel business has a too fast asset turnover, which is why inventories are renewed in a few days and each company already sees what profit margin to apply.

However, he warns that in our country it has been normalized that if a faucet can earn twenty times said margin —up to 20% in some cases—, we are happy. “That is usury,” he stressed.

“That is why there is a price difference between one faucet and another of up to S/3 or S/4, practically a dollar, something not seen anywhere in the world,” he adds.

Along these lines, Ochoa Alencastre points out that the Colombian model should be replicated, where the state company Ecopetrol supplies its distributors, both in the public and private sectors, with the condition of not obtaining a profit margin of more than 8%.

In his opinion, the role of Petroperú should be strengthened and the “serious resistance” that surrounds it should be removed, to the point that Petrored service stations —which operate under the name of the state firm, but belong to private capital— can operate with capped profit margins and thus improve the sector’s offer.

Oil soared to $91 a barrel

The price of Texas Intermediate Oil (WTI) rallied to $91.93 a barrel during trading yesterday.

In that sense, the value of this commodity —of high reference for importing energy markets such as the Peruvian— returns to register a figure above US$90, considering that last week it managed to drop to levels not seen since before the start of the conflict. geopolitical between Russia and Ukraine.

US crude rose, reports the EFE agency, due to a weekly decline in commercial gasoline reserves, a fact that analysts see with enthusiasm to push demand.

Infographic – The Republic

Infographic – The Republic

Source: Larepublica

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