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Gasoline price: in which taps can you get the cheapest fuel in Lima and Callao?

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Know the price of gasoline in Lime Y Callao Today, Wednesday, August 10. The Facilito application, from the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin), shows the cheapest prices of fuels such as gasoholPetroleum (diesel), vehicular natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

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Osinergmin reported on Monday, August 8, that the reference prices of most fuels Oil derivatives fell for the ninth consecutive week in Peru. This quote is based on the international price of the last 10 days. From this, the prices are elaborated in the wholesale plant of Petroperú and Repsol, where the input is subject to taxes and discounts.

What is the price of gasoline today, Wednesday, August 10?

This Wednesday, August 10, 90-octane gasohol can be found from S/ 18.79 per gallon at the Repsol Comercial tap on Av. Industrial Separator 3085 (tie). In the same district, the Ye Petroleum tap offers this fuel at S/ 18.83 and the Servicentro Smile at S/ 18.84. On the contrary, the highest price is S/ 24.39 at the Flores&Lane service center, in Cieneguilla.

The price of fuels in Peru remains high, mainly due to external factors. Photo: Gerardo Marin/The Republic

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Also, the lowest cost for the gasohol 95 is found in San Martin de Porres with S/ 19.91 at the José Rufo Tantavilca tap and S/ 19.99 at the Liquid Products Retail Distributor, as well as the Berlina Cierto de Comas establishment, with S/ 20.10. On the contrary, the highest price is S/ 27.59 for the Global Fuel fridge (San Isidro).

For his part, the 97 octane gasohol It starts at S/ 20.34 at the Filse faucet (commas) up to S/ 28.59 (San Isidro). This product is also cheap at Servicentro Berny stations (Villa Maria del Triunfo) with S/ 20.53 and Berlina Cierto (Comas), which offers it at S/ 20.60 per gallon.

What is the price of diesel this August 10?

the gallon of diesel DB5-S50 It has a cost that ranges from S / 15.79 (Villa Maria del Triunfo) up to a maximum of S/ 19.99 (San Isidro). In this sense, the most comfortable prices are also registered in the taps of the Corazón de Jesús Service Station (San Juan de Lurigancho) with S/ 15.92 and the establishment Becsabeth Rosalia Vilcapoma (Carabayllo), with S/ 15.99.

What is the price of vehicular natural gas (VNG)?

The cheapest automotive fuel for sale to the public is vehicular natural gas (NGV), with a value between S/ 1.37 in the Terpel Peru fridge (Brena) and S/ 1.99 in Inversiones Luisagas (Saint John of Miraflores) per cubic meter. Also in Breña, this fuel can be found for S/ 1.39 at the Duogas tap, while it is offered for S/ 1.40 at the Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Alas Peruanas (Fence of Lima).

How much does liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cost?

The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for automotive use has a sale value from S/ 7.77 per gallon (San Martin de Porres), up to S/ 11.99 (Surquillo) per gallon. Likewise, at the San Pedro Combustibles tap (Lurigancho) LPG is sold at S/ 7.79 and at the Villa Rica Service Station (Carabayllo) is offered at S/ 7.85.

Source: Larepublica

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