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New Credit Mivivienda: what are the financial entities that offer me this loan?

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The New Mivivienda Credit It is a mortgage loan that finances homes between S/ 61,200 and up to S/ 436,100. Users who meet the requirements and access these amounts can buy a house, build on their own land, independent airs or even improve their home and pay over a period of five to 25 years.

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It is important to point out that, although this credit is given through the Mivivienda Fund, it is channeled through financial entities such as banks either boxes. In this note, we tell you which ones and how to correctly search for projects on the Mivivenda website.

Users who can access the New Mivivienda Credit they first go through a credit evaluation in any of the financial entities attached to the program. According to the Mivivienda portal, these are the banks and savings banks:

Multiple banking:

  • BBVA Peru
  • Bank of Commerce
  • Credit Bank of Peru – BCP
  • Inter-American Finance Bank – BanBif
  • Pichincha Bank
  • interbank
  • Scotiabank.

Municipal savings and credit banks

  • CMAC Arequipa
  • CMAC Cusco
  • CMAC Huancayo
  • CMAC Ica
  • CMAC Maynas
  • CMAC Sullana
  • CMAC Tacna
  • CMAC Trujillo
  • CRCA Root.


  • effective financial
  • CrediScotia Financial.


How to locate New Credit Mivivienda projects?

Users can also search for real estate projects in different parts of the country through the NCMV Housing Search engine, enabled on the Mivivienda website. Likewise, you have the option to choose the area range and the average price.

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It should be noted that, through the New Mivivienda Credit, they can access the Good Payer Bonus of up to S/ 27,400. And they can also receive the Green Bonus that grants an additional contribution of S / 5,400 as long as they have a sustainable home. Remember that you can add that option in your searches.

Search for projects in MiVivienda

Requirements for the New Mivivienda Credit

The Mivivienda Fund requires that the holder of the New Mivivienda Credit be a natural person residing in Peru or a Peruvian living abroad who meets these characteristics:

  • Be of legal age, regardless of marital status.
  • Have been qualified as credit subject by the financial entity that grants the financing.
  • That the applicant is not the owner or co-owner of another home in any locality in the country.
  • The resources of the Mivivienda Fund may finance the same person a maximum of two times. To do so, they must not have an outstanding subloan with the fund.
  • Only the first credit granted with resources from the Mivivienda Fund may have a subsidy.

What is needed to access the Good Payer Bonus?

The New Mivivienda Credit brings with it the Good Payer Bonus modality, which grants financing of between S/ 10,800 and S/ 25,700. For users to access this bonus, the house they wish to acquire must have a value between S/ 65,200 and S/ 343,900, and the owner must not receive other housing support from the State.

In addition, users can also access the Green Bond either Sustainable Good Payer Bonus, which contributes an additional S/ 5,400, as long as there is a “green project”; that is, that criteria such as water and energy efficiency, bioclimatic design, waste management and the use of eco-materials that contribute to urban sustainability in their surroundings have been taken into account in their conception.

In this way, citizens can access a total discount of up to S / 31,100 of the value of the property they wish to buy.

Source: Larepublica

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