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Southern regions begin to spend their budgets better

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Public investment is the hard cash that is spent to finance projects and services that improve the living conditions of citizens. The State, at its three levels of government, does not know how to use these resources and at the end of the year they return their assigned budgets to the Ministry of Economy and Finance. This year, this trend began to vary according to a report prepared by the Peruvian Institute of Economy (IPE) for this newspaper. The balance has focused on six regions: Apurímac, Arequipa, Moquegua, Tacna, Cusco and Puno.

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As of July 2022, the execution of public investment in these regions exceeded the national average (32.0%). For example, in Apurímac it reached 36.6%, Puno (36.3%), Cusco (35.6%), Arequipa (34.3%) and Tacna (33.2%). Meanwhile, only Moquegua (30.6%) is lagging behind the national average.

Arequipa is the region that has improved the most. In the first seven months of 2021, of 100 soles assigned, he spent 26.4 soles. Now it is S / 34.3. The amount executed in Cusco is the one that increased the most, with an additional S/ 463.1 million compared to 2021. This region is building the Chinchero airport. There is 75% of earthworks and the construction of the air terminal and control tower is ready.

The progress of execution of the southern zone as of July 2022 (35.0%) is the highest that has been registered since 2015, exceeding that of 2021 by 4.6 percentage points (pp.) and that of 2019 by 5.2 pp, the statement specifies. of Ipe.

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levels of government

As of July 2022, the greatest progress in budget execution in the South is made by regional governments (36.3%). In particular, the Regional Government of Arequipa (39.8%) is the one that made the highest percentage of execution, while the Regional Government of Puno (28.7%) has the least progress.

On the other hand, the execution of the National Government and of the local governments in the South zone in said period was 34.0% and 35.4%, respectively. The highest execution of the National Government was in Puno (43.7%), and the lowest, in Tacna (18.9%). At the municipal level, Apurímac (37.6%) and Moquegua (31.8%) had the highest and lowest execution, respectively.❖

Arequipa leader in investment

The Regional Government of Arequipa (GRA) leads the ranking of regional governments with the highest amount executed in investments (projects). It has progress of 40.3% with an accrued (expense) of more than S/ 371 million. A bulk of these funds served to reactivate Majes II with the signing of addendum 13 and which forced Cobra to disburse.

Source: Larepublica

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