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Now there will be pink manabita cane in Ecuador

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A Facebook post for Women’s Day with the purpose of congratulating her ended up being the beginning of the planning of the new product of the Ceilmaca company, which produces the Caña Manabita brand in the country.

This company devised an exclusive brandy for women, with a pinkish tone, called Manabita Rose Reed.

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“For Women’s Day (March 8, 2022) we made a post on our social networks. It was a normal bottle with a pink color to evoke the theme of women, but it was only a publication, and that’s where it all started. The reception of this post was so great that they began to write to us, call us, asking if the product was ready, where they could buy it; It was crazy. So, with all that reception, the request from people, we thought of a product specially designed for women, “he says. Wilmington Ramírez, Marketing Manager of Ceilmaca.

Ramírez indicates that, from that moment, the company’s Development Department began to work on the idea; they met, analyzed the parameters, and the product emerged.

In Ecuador you can taste the borojó wine

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Its presentation will be a bottle in a container of 500 milliliters and with a different shape, which will be imported. The label will also vary. The brandy will have a pink hue. It will not contain flavorings. And it will be 21°.

“It has fewer degrees so that it can be enjoyed in a better way. We are preparing to go on the market,” says Ramírez, adding that the price will be affordable, but he prefers to keep it in reserve for the time being.

Tests have already been carried out on this liquor, and those who tasted it have indicated that it is at the “point”, that is, that it pleased them, explains Ramírez.

This new product will be available in the coming months in supermarkets, liquor stores, stores and other points of sale nationwide, such as in airports.

Ceilmaca, a company from Porto Viejo, has been in the market for 55 years and has several products, such as a 26° Dry Liquor, a 28° Special Reserve, a 36° Black Strip, a 44° Caña Manabita and a 44° Frontera.

Most of its production is sold in Esmeraldas, between 30% and 35% with its Frontera product, and the rest in the other provinces.

In addition, the company already exports the spirits. He has sent Faja Negra to Italy and the same drink to the United States, added to the Caña Manabita. These shipments usually vary, for example, about 300 boxes.

“Something very important that people told us was that we not add flavors to Caña Manabita, but rather that we preserve the traditional one,” says Ramírez, who assures that the new product will be as “Ecuadorian” as the others.

The family business is recovering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. They were closed for several months and the continuous restrictions paused their reactivation.

“It went bad for us. In 2020, the factory was closed from March 17 to June without being able to produce, because we were not one of the priority companies, but we are recovering little by little. For this reason, we are trying to bring out new products, with presentations; we see the current demands of the public”, he mentions.

The drink is manufactured without control, but it is the seal of 19 provinces

In 2020, Ceilmaca had a drop in revenue of between 35% and 40% compared to 2019. Already in 2021 they tried to recover, and in this 2022 they have high expectations with the Manabita Rose Rod, whose investment is not so high, since the company has the necessary personnel and equipment.

His investment was more focused on the bottles, which will be imported, because the chosen design is not produced in the country.

“Our idea is to continue growing. We passed the pandemic, we have survived and, once we launch this brandy, we have other things in mind that we want to continue developing to continue reaching the national market. We also want to expand exports. There are quite a few Ecuadorians outside the country who want to consume something from their homeland, and cane is one of the products that they have well positioned in their minds.”, comments Ramirez.

The official launch of the Caña Manabita Rose will be in the city of Portoviejo, where the factory was founded and is maintained. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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