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Peruvian businessmen are more concerned about political conflict than about rising prices

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49% of Peruvian businessmen believe that the political situation is the main problem they face today, compared to 29% who opted for price increases, according to the “Business Market” report, presented by the fintech Rextie .

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Eli Casaverde, head of Trading at Rextie, mentioned that, in general terms, these two factors are the ones that directly impact the economic situation of any type of company; especially, to medium, small and micro-enterprises.

“In the case of large companies, our study reveals that, since the pandemic began, they have not been so affected because they also receive income from abroad and because they offer or include essential products and/or services (masks, health supplies) in their offer. cleaning or mental health services), which made them increase their sales,” said the specialist.

According to the document, another of the most outstanding data left by the report is that all companies maintain a positive and hopeful approach towards the second quarter of this year. Thus, 55% believe that their company’s performance will continue, 34% believe that it will improve, and only 11% believe that it will worsen.

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On the other hand, the report also indicates that, despite these negative effects, small and micro-enterprises had a higher percentage in the “no decrease” of their workforce, with 53% and 61%, respectively. Rextie points out that this is because they had the right and necessary staff for their operation.

However, in medium and large companies, their workforce decreased between 10% and 30%, respectively, due to the fact that not all their collaborators were essential, they merged and created or eliminated positions to maximize their budget.

Rextie report: income in 2022

Regarding the performance of income so far this year, these did not vary for 29% of the companies, increased for 41% (compared to last year) and decreased for 30%. It is worth mentioning that, after the pandemic, companies recovered sales, but slowly.

According to Casaverde, although it is a challenge to survive in an “increasingly difficult and competitive” market, companies are committed to digitization and now have the opportunity to sell through a new channel for them, such as the Internet.

Likewise, workers have the opportunity to work comfortably from home (telecommuting) and better balance their family or personal life.

“We can see that more enterprises have emerged and that the mentality of entrepreneurs is adapting to a new reality, where the collaborator comes first,” concluded the Rextie spokesperson.

Source: Larepublica

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