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Beer Day: which are the districts that consume the most this alcoholic beverage for delivery?

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The International Beer Day is next to be held this August 5. Within the framework of this date, OrdensYa presented data related to the delivery trends of this drink among Peruvians in this first semester, highlighting when and where they consume it.

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“Peruvians have very marked occasions to request this drink. For example, the day before, hours before, or during a soccer match for the Peruvian national team, such as those in the qualifiers and key matches such as the playoffs in June. Another ideal time to buy beer are the days before holidays such as Easter, San Pedro and San Pablo, National Holidays, among others. In addition, at the end of the month, consumption increases in our virtual stores (liquor stores, Tambo and Repshop)”, commented Macarena Poblete, Marketing Director of OrdensYa Peru, through a press release.

The company also identified the hours and days when Peruvians place more orders, being Fridays, between 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm, when more requests are registered. In the case of Saturdays, which is another peak day, purchases usually take place between 3:00 pm until the permitted time. Similarly, as for the places affiliated with the app, such as liquor stores, Tambo and Repshop, their demand grows in the last hours of Fridays and Saturdays.

On the other hand, according to company data, this first semester, Pilsen was the most consumed beer at the national level, followed by Tres Cruces, Cusqueña, and the foreign Heineken and Corona.

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International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of August every year. Photo: LR/reference file

As for the drinking districts of Lima, Surco, San Borja and Miraflores were identified as those that usually make the largest number of orders in the capital. In the provinces, the most consuming cities were Arequipa, Trujillo and Chiclayo.

“At the regional level, Peru is in fourth place in the countries that most often consume beer for delivery, the other countries that complete the list are Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. In turn, these (beer orders) are accompanied by various items, with appetizers (mainly French fries), soft drinks and cigarettes being in the top 3 of accessories,” said the Marketing Director of OrdensYa Peru.

Source: Larepublica

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