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Cálidda: how to obtain the Camisea GNV Bonus of up to US$15,000 to buy natural gas vehicles?

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The carriers cargo and passengers in Lima and Callao they can obtain the Camisea GNV Bonus, which grants financing of up to US$15,000 for the purchase of a new vehicle. The commercial management is in charge of the company Cálidda and available to acquire buses, truckstractor trucks, compactors, among others, that work with vehicular natural gas (NGV).

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“The purpose of the US$33.5 million fund provided by the Camisea Consortium is to provide an economic bonus of up to US$15,000, which is non-refundable, that is, it is not a loan, but rather a benefit that is given so that the cargo carriers and of urban transport may have vehicles with CNG”, said Janinne Delgado, manager of External Affairs of Pluspetrol, the firm that leads the Camisea Consortium.

To apply for the Camisea GNV Bonus, it is necessary to contact via WhatsApp directly with the company warm and write to the number 981 444 555. This program expects to incorporate more than 3,000 new buses, trucks or tractor-trailers powered by CNG in the car pool. Currently, less than 3% of urban transport trucks and buses in Lima use this type of fuel.

What steps must I follow to access the Camisea GNV Voucher?

The Camisea GNV Bonus is available to natural or legal persons who sign an agreement with the company warm and a vehicle dealer. These are subject to evaluation and pre-approval through these steps:

  • 1. Contact warm through Whatsapp (981 444 555).
  • 2. Cálidda will send you the necessary information by email.
  • 3. This way they will send you the list of dealers and their requirements.
  • 4. The dealer will send the quotes of vehicles that work with CNG.
  • 5. After accepting a quote, complete the documents required by Cálidda.
  • 6. If the documents are approved, Cálidda will request the granting of the Camisea GNV Bonus.
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Currently there are some 123,000 trucks and 23,000 urban transport buses circulating in Lima. Of this total, less than 3% of vehicles run on CNG. Photo: Andean

After this procedure, warm Validate additional information. For this, the company will require a series of documents:

  • DNI or immigration card
  • RUC file
  • Proof of transfer
  • Authorization of urban transport-bus

Once the disbursement is approved, you will receive a notification. Finally, it will be necessary to share the vehicle delivery certificate, a copy of the property card and consumption authorization.

What benefits does CNG bring to transportation?

The Camisea Consortium highlights some points in favor of the use of CNG in Peruamong which the economic and supply factor stand out:

  • With CNG you can save more than 50% on fuel.
  • There are already 370 CNG service stations nationwide, of which more than 270 are in Lima and Callao.
  • CNG trucks and buses have the same power as diesel and gasohol vehicles.
  • CNG users will pay “lower and more stable” rates for the mass use of Camisea gas, so that Peru “will consume less imported fuel.”

Source: Larepublica

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