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Leasing Bonus: S/500 subsidy for families from Eten and Chiclayo affected by landslides made official

Leasing Bonus: S/500 subsidy for families from Eten and Chiclayo affected by landslides made official

The Peruvian Government approved the fourteenth call for the year 2023 for the granting of 14 Housing Lease Bonds for Emergencies (BAE) in the districts of Eten and Chiclayoprovince of Chiclayo, department of Lambayeque. This, within the framework of the State of Emergency declared by Supreme Decree No. 034-2023-PCM.

Through ministerial resolution No. 159-2023-VIVIENDA, the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS) determines that collapsed or uninhabitable homes, validated by the General Directorate of Housing and Urban Development Programs and Projects (DGPPVU), They are detailed in the list of potential beneficiaries.

The BAE of S/500 is granted monthly for a maximum term of up to two years for the lease of a home located in the department of Lambayeque.

Potential beneficiaries, within a maximum period of ten business days, counted from tomorrow, Saturday the 15th, may submit the following documents signed by the Family Group Representative:

  • Application for granting the BAE.
  • Affidavit of not having a home other than the collapsed or uninhabitable one located in the department of origin (Lambayeque).
  • Housing lease, signed with the landlord of the same, with signatures legalized before the justice of the peace or notary public.
  • If applicable, the sworn statement of the signatories of the aforementioned contract declaring the economic impediment for the legalization of signatures.

The District Municipality of Eten and the Provincial Municipality of Chiclayo send to the MVCS, through the physical or virtual reporting table of the latter, the documents presented by the potential beneficiaries, up to a maximum period of three business days.

Potential beneficiaries who submit applications for the granting of the BAE after the deadline lose the right to grant the BAE.

Source: Larepublica

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