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Gamarra: they will auction winter garments up to 70%

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Entrepreneurs from the Gamarra commercial emporium will liquidate their autumn-winter garments with up to 70% discount to be able to face the following season. In this campaign they have only been able to recover 40% of the sales registered in the same period of 2019, according to the president of the Gamarra Peru Business Association, Susana Saldaña.

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“At the beginning of August it is liquidated at super low prices: 50%, 60% and 70% (discount) on the garments that are left from all the lines,” declared the representative of the textile union.

Saldaña explained that Gamarra businesses usually offer discounts at the end of the season, but now they have even had to sell machines to start production for the spring-summer season, whose progress should already be exhibited in the first days of September, he told La Republic.

“If some microentrepreneurs cannot finish liquidating everything and recover as much capital as they can, unfortunately, they will not be able to invest in the coming campaign. and they will keep their products. That, practically, leads you to bankruptcy”, warned the union representative.

Demand application of safeguards

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The main factor that has caused the textile and clothing sector to shrink, and that it cannot recover, is the presence and excessive import of clothing from Asia, “this situation is cornering national production,” said Saldaña.

As recalled, the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) is in charge of preparing the technical report for the application of safeguard measures, which are a protection mechanism that member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO), to which Peru belongs, can impose on their territories before a massive increase in imports.

The term for the delivery of the report expired on June 16; however, the authority has not yet ruled on when it will be ready.

For Saldaña, there is a very big impediment that would be limiting the completion of this report, which is the Conducting a survey of 50% of the country’s national apparel producers.

“Surveying 50,000 micro and small companies is super complicated, most of them do not understand this type of document, they are afraid to give such sensitive information. It is practically impossible to meet this requirement and the WTO does not require it, apparently behind it is the lobby of the import sector and the Government benefits them with their silence”, Saldaña pointed out.

Finally, Saldaña added that beyond the report, which is on a technical level, the Government must have the political will to apply these measures that they consider urgent.

Safeguards: the final stretch

Indecopi presented a report in April to recommend the application of provisional safeguards, but it was not approved.

Since then, the elaboration of the final technical report continues, which will be sent to the Multisectoral Commission.

The term for carrying out this investigation is 6 months and expired on June 16.

Indecopi had indicated that between April and June it would carry out a survey of national clothing producers in the country, which would be an important input for the preparation of the report.

The data

Informality. The advance of informality continues, “Gamarra is abandoned”, there is no efficient service by the municipal authorities: there is a lack of security and cleanliness, and informal commerce monopolizes everything, Saldana complaint.

Source: Larepublica

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