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Agro Rural already sells 3,000 bags of the first batch of guano from the islands in Huánuco

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The Rural Agricultural Productive Development Program (Agro Rural), executing arm of Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri)began marketing the first batch of 150 tons of guano from the islands in the Huánuco region, to improve the agricultural productivity of 160 producing families, mostly potatoes.

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As part of the activities of the campaign “Guano from the islands for family farming 2022” a total of 3,000 bags supplied the itinerant warehouses of the districts of Huaycaybamba and Jacas Grande, with 30 tons each; as well as the establishments of Molino (30 tons) and Panao (60 tons); in the provinces of Huaycaybamba, Huamalíes and Pachitea; respectively.

By 2022, it is planned to deliver a total of 720 tons of guano from the islands in the Huánuco region.

The natural fertilizer that will fertilize 150 hectares, will be marketed at a social price of S/ 50, and will allow farmers to: improve their soils, lower their production costs, take care of the environment, conserve nutrients longer in their soils, increase the microbial flora of the soil, obtain healthy products, increase its economy and promote organic farming and food safety.

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The entity specifies that these activities take place within the framework of the Second Agrarian Reformpromoted by the National Government.

It should be noted that to dateAgro Rural markets a total of 7,500 tons of guano from the islands, through 250 itinerant warehouses and 3,280 tons from 57 peripheral warehouses.

It should be noted that the guano from the islands is a 100% organic product and is produced by seabirds, such as the guanay, boobies and the Peruvian pelican. It is found along the islands and points of the Peruvian coast. The extraction, packing, distribution and commercialization is carried out by Agro Rural.

Source: Larepublica

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