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Yape and Plin begin deployment phase

Yape and Plin begin deployment phase

This Wednesday the 12th begins the next phase for the implementation of interoperability between the two most important digital wallets in Peru: Yape and Plin.

Previously, on March 31, the transaction began with a limited group of 10,000 customers. Now, The expectation is to cover more than 12 million users of the two applications.

all april

agree with both companies, The deployment stage will take place throughout the month of April, where it will progressively seek to reach all the people who use these payment methods.

In the case of Plin, the expansion will begin at the end of April and will seek to reach its more than 10 million affiliates.

“It will be deployed in phases in order to ensure the payment experience and optimize the operation of the solution. This stage will culminate in the second half of April and will begin a deployment phase for 100% of the users,” Mauricio Sánchez, head of Plin, stressed to La República.

For his part, Yape confirmed to this newspaper that the extension begins today, which will continue this month.

free trades

It is important to mention that all transaction operations will be completely free of charge and in accordance with the conditions and limits of each of the companies.

Thus, it will be allowed to make transfers of up to S/15,000 (Plin) and S/20,000 (Yape) with a maximum amount of S/500 per operation in both companies. “Yape It was born with the aim of being interoperable and free, so our yaperos must have the peace of mind that they will not be charged anything for transfers to other wallets,” said Rufino Arribas, leader of the Yape Tribe.

Boxes will have digital wallet

The Peruvian Federation of Municipal Savings and Credit Banks (Fepcmac) announced that before June it will implement a digital wallet. One of its main objectives is to offer ‘lifesaving loans’ of up to S/200, with an annual interest rate of 50%.

The municipal boxes savings and credit (CMAC) adhered will be Arequipa, Cusco, Del Santa, Huancayo, Ica, Maynas, Paita, Piura, Sullana, Tacna and Trujillo.

Source: Larepublica

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