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Sunass: projects to guarantee water availability for the population could run out of budget

The National Superintendency of Sanitation Services (Sunass) expressed concern about the initiative of Congressman José Jerí Oré of Somos Perú to transfer the resources of the fund of remuneration mechanisms for water ecosystem services (Merece-H) of the sanitation services companies (EPS) to the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri).

Sunass pointed out that this measure may put at risk the supply of drinking water for the population, since said transfer of EPS reserves al Midagri it would prevent the execution of prioritized projects to sustain sanitation services.


Through a press release, Sunass explained that the funds Deserve – H of the EPS come from a percentage of the rate that users pay for the provision of water services and sewerage. These are specifically intended to finance the use, conservation and recovery of ecosystems.

In addition, they announced that the Deserves-H are also a mechanism that connects drinking water users of the cities with the communities, which configures a better management regarding conflicts over water.

Currently, Sunass announced that several processes are at risk of being paralyzed, which could generate possible conflicts. They reported that 42 out of 50 EPS They have a Merece-H rate, of which 11 have been executing their reservations and have signed agreements with the communities and have formed their management platforms.


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