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Can the work of windshield wipers be restricted?  This is what the experts say

Can the work of windshield wipers be restricted? This is what the experts say

The Municipality of Surco, under the command of Charles Brucemade a drastic decision after learning that a windshield washer murdered a driver for refusing to accept said service. As of Monday, April 10, window cleaners and car washers are prohibited from carrying out this activity within said district.

According to the municipal ordinance, citizens who carry out these activities will receive a fine of 35% of a UIT, which is equivalent to S/1,732.50, and the infraction will be classified as serious. In addition, the implements, such as buckets, window cleaners, rags, among others, that are used for the same purpose, will be confiscated. Can this type of work be restricted? We tell you what an expert in labor law consulted by this means thinks.

Can the work of windshield wipers be restricted?

Labor lawyer Germán Lora pointed out that, although the labor law of windshield wipers and car washers is affected by this municipal provision, every right has limits and this is what must be evaluated.

“Every right has limits and, then, if the right to work of these people is done against the right of other people, to peace, to tranquility, not to be robbed, etc., the restriction is valid. No right is absolute, so you have to enter there to see if the protected good, with the elimination of these gentlemen, is greater than the restricted good, which is the freedom of work”, the specialist specified to The Republic.

It should be noted that, on this issue, the head of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE), Luis Alfonso Adrianzén, commented that a more serious analysis is required.

“We, from the perspective of the Ministry of Labor, have to add the point of the social and economic context that many Peruvians experience, but also migrants who do not obtain a decent job, a formal job and have to go to the streets to ‘ appeal’ through an office ”, he pointed out in RPP.

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