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Artificial Intelligence could replace 300 million jobs

Artificial Intelligence could replace 300 million jobs

According to the report ‘The potentially large effects of artificial intelligence on economic growth’, prepared by the Goldman Sachs bank, the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) would imply the automation of certain tasks as well as saving time and costs labor, which could significantly compromise the structure of the labor market.

Thus, worldwide, around 300 million full-time jobs are exposed to being replaced by AI. “In both the United States and Europe, we found that approximately two-thirds of current jobs are exposed to some degree of AI automation, and that generative AI could replace up to a quarter of current work,” the report can read. .

replaceable jobs

The jobs most likely to be replaced in the United States are administrative and legal support; architecture and engineering; business and financial operations; community and social service; sales; medicine and finance, engineering, among others. On the other hand, in Europe there are administrative support, technicians and associated professionals, as well as managers. It should be noted that manual jobs are those with the least automation, such as construction, installation, maintenance, production, food preparation, transportation, and others.

Impact in Peru

According to the data shown, in Peru, Colombia and Mexico, 20% of jobs could be lost if artificial intelligence (AI) is implemented to its full potential (see graph). However, the document also indicates that historically the displacement of certain jobs has been offset by the creation of others and the appearance of new occupations, so that, in the long term, AI could bring technological innovations that help boost the growth of labor productivity. They also estimate that it will eventually increase the annual world GDP by 7%. “Although the impact of AI will ultimately depend on its capacity and adoption, this estimate highlights the enormous economic potential if it delivers on its promise.”, they manifest.

The key

Adaptation. According to economist Nathan Nadramija, the transition as other jobs are created and workers adjust to AI tools will cause high unemployment and require many commensurate public policies.

  Several jobs could be replaced by artificial intelligence.  Photo: LR infographic

Several jobs could be replaced by artificial intelligence. Photo: LR infographic

Source: Larepublica

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