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How much is the dollar today? Purchase and sale price for this July 26 in Peru

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meet the price of the dollar today in the main banks and in the parallel market; that is to say, in the exchange houses or money changers on the street.

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According to how much is the dollar.pe, the price of the parallel dollar in Peru is quoted at S/3,900 for purchase and S/3,920 for sale. While the average in the banking market is quoted at S/3.84 for purchase and S/3.98 for sale.

It should be noted that in yesterday’s session, the exchange rate closed at S/ 3.9130, as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

What is the ‘Ocoña’ dollar or informal exchange rate?

It is called the Ocoña dollar or ‘street dollar’ at the informal exchange rate. That is, the one that is marketed in the parallel market or exchange houses. This denomination has its origin in Jirón Ocoña, a well-known street in downtown Lima.

Bank Purchase Sale
BCP 3,831 4,011
scotiabank 3,821 4,001
BBVA 3,831 3,961
interbank 3,874 3,946
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Source: Larepublica

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