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LIVE exchange rate in Peru: how much it is trading today, Friday, November 19, 2021

Check how much it is the price of the dollar in Peru today, Friday, November 19, for buying and selling in the parallel market and in the main banks of the country. The North American currency opened with a price of S / 4.0213, according to the Bloomberg portal and on the last day, on Thursday, November 18, the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) reported that the greenback closed at S / 4,0080.

On the economic front, the president of the BCRP, Julio Velarde, indicated that business expectations have improved. Therefore, private investment would grow by 2022: “When we review investment for next year, maybe instead of 0%, which was our projection, it would end up growing and be slightly positive, since expectations have improved, but this it is an inertia that comes from growth that would not only benefit us this year, but could also affect the first and second quarters of 2022 ″, Velarde explained at CADE Executives.

Live: LIVE exchange rate in Peru: how much it is trading today, Friday, November 19, 2021

Dollar price at the beginning of the day

The price of the dollar today, November 19, is at S / 4.0213, according to Bloomberg. This is a higher price than the opening price, since said portal placed the greenback at S / 4.0129. Likewise, it represents an increase compared to the previous day, when it closed at S / 4.0069.

Likewise, the dollar accumulates a gain of 34.07% against the sun so far in 2021, after closing at S / 3,610 in 2020. This occurs after President Pedro Castillo announced that he will maintain legal guarantees for private investment and demand a commitment from the sector to comply with its tax and labor obligations during the closing of CADE Executives 2021.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Francke, for his part, reassessed upward Peru’s economic growth expectations for this year and placed them at 13%, higher than the 12.5% ​​reported in its latest projection. “We are calculating the projected economic growth for this year at 13%, which is quite a positive figure. The latest data shows that the economy is in blue 3% above before the pandemic, and we have been growing in an interesting way, “he said.



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