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Exchange rate in Peru: how much it is trading today, Friday, November 19, 2021

Check the price of the dollar in Peru in Peru today, Friday, November 19, for the purchase and sale in the parallel market and the main financial entities. The North American currency opened with a price of S / 4,0213, as recorded by the portal Bloomberg. For its part, in the parallel market, the dollar exchange rate is S / 4,010 for purchase and S / 4,040 the sale.

The US currency on the previous day of last Thursday, November 18, closed S / 4.0220 as presented by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR). In addition, between the close of Wednesday, November 17 and yesterday, there is a slightly lower difference because the dollar was below 4 soles.

In the economic sphere, the Plenary of Congress approved the appointment of Inés Choy, Diego Macera and Carlos Oliva as new directors of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru. Likewise, with 76 votes in favor, 37 against and no abstention, the legislative branch’s proposal was authorized for Choy, Macera and Oliva to replace Rafael Rey Rey, Elmer Cuba and José Chlimper Ackerman, respectively.

On the other hand, the insurance law for family farming was approved unanimously so that Peruvian farmers have insurance that guarantees their subsistence and sustainability in the possible case of losing their crops and harvest due to natural disasters or caused by persons. Thus, Law 003/2021-CR presented by Congressman Wilson Soto Palacios, from the Popular Action bench, aims for the Executive, regional and local governments to protect farmers and their families by promoting the development of family farming.


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