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BCRP: what security measures do the new S/ 20 and S/ 50 bills bring?

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The Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) ordered the circulation of new banknotes with the denomination of S/ 20 and S/ 50 from this Wednesday, July 20. These are part of a new family of paper money that pays tribute to prominent figures in Peruvian history, as well as the varied flora and fauna of our country.

The new banknotes, with the faces of José María Arguedas and Maria RostworowskiThey also incorporate innovative security elements to prevent counterfeiting. In both cases, the paper money this printed on cotton and has the same dimensions as those already circulating today.

How to know if the new banknotes are real or fake?

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The security design in new banknotes was in charge of the English firm De La Rue International Limited, which won a tender organized by the BCRP. Review the main novelties to identify the fake and authentic ones.

New bills of S/ 20 and S/ 50 present security elements such as inter-protruding thread and moving figures. Photo: BCRP

Security measures in the new S/ 20 bill

  • Intersalient security thread with moving figures. This changes from green to blue and the text “20 BCRP” is openwork.
  • The security thread contains magnetic elements, making it machine detectable.
  • Mark visible only against the light. The main character, a triangle in the background and the denomination in numbers can be seen.
  • Color changing ink, which shows moving images.
  • Latent image. The denomination is observed tangential to a light source. Light and dark tones are appreciated.
  • Embossed prints.
  • You should also note the exact microprints and records on the front and back of the bill.

Security measures in the new S/ 50 bill

  • It also includes an interlining security thread. Turning it shows an Andean cross that expands and contracts.
  • The watermark, visible against the light, shows Maria Rostworowski, a triangle with dark dots and the denomination in numbers.
  • Spark Live ink that changes color from gold to green and shows moving images.
  • Latent image with two shades, dark and light, visible according to the angle at which they are observed.
  • Embossed prints.
  • Elements visible under ultraviolet light.
  • Microprints and perfect registration on the front and back.
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