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Junín expects to receive more than 100,000 visitors for Easter 2023

Junín expects to receive more than 100,000 visitors for Easter 2023

The regional authority of Junín, Zosimo Cardenas Woman, announced its strategic plan in coordination with local, provincial, and district governments and the private sector to promote tourism in the department. With the campaign “We are close to you”, they plan to sell the religiosity of cities like Huancayo, Chupaca, Concepción and Jauja, which are part of the Mantaro Valley; with the objective of economic reactivation in this area, for which they have been promoting tourism, craft and foreign trade development projects in the nine provinces.

Due to its proximity to Lima, Junín —especially the mantaro valley— It is one of the places preferred by the inhabitants of the capital; however, they do not have much time to know everything and want to make the most of that opportunity at Easter. The gastronomy, crafts, ecology and tourist resources such as the religious are the offer that the region offers on this occasion.

On the other hand, this reactivation plan also includes the jungle part of Junín with cities like Satipo and Chanchamayo, which have waterfalls in the middle of lush forests, which attract the attention of both national and foreign visitors. For this reason, service providers in these locations are urged to offer friendly and warm treatment to tourists because, in this way, employment can be generated.

The objective of all of this is that the locals can reactivate themselves economically and, with this, combat the losses caused in previous years by the pandemic. In this line, they have prepared to receive 150,000 tourists between Thursday 6 and Sunday 9 April. One of the activities to be developed is the Regional Fair for Agricultural and Artisanal Producers of the Junín Region 2023: “Junín, tradition and culture”, which will take place in the Yauris fairground.

Source: Larepublica

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