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Alex Contreras: “The Reconstruction with Changes plan failed”

Alex Contreras: “The Reconstruction with Changes plan failed”

The head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Alex Contreraspointed out that the Dina Boluarte regime will strengthen the work of prevention in the face of natural phenomena.

And it is that, as a result of the destruction generated by these natural phenomena in various regions of the country, Contreras recognized that the Authority for the Reconstruction of Changes (ARCC) was not up to the task of reducing the impact of weather emergencies.

“The priority is once and for all to advance in the development of infrastructure aimed at disaster prevention. Landslides and floods can be avoided with resilient infrastructure. That was the Reconstruction (with Changes) plan that unfortunately failed. This new stage opens up an enormous possibility“he said this Saturday.

It is worth noting that the Executive Branch recently announced the creation of the National Infrastructure Authority (ANIN), which will replace the ARCC and will execute the works of the National Infrastructure Plan.

Contreras added that “you cannot make a copy page of institutions that failed.” The bill that articulates the ANIN is yet to be sent to Congress for debate and voting.

Source: Larepublica

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