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Mining canon must be used to generate employment and improve the quality of life

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Roberth Orihuela Q.

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Local municipalities have once again received an increase in the mining canon. This is thanks to the fact that last year the government collected more taxes due to the increase in the price of minerals worldwide. In the case of local governments, the municipalities that are closest to mining operations receive large amounts. These, explains the member of the Development Studies Network, Patricio Lewis Zúñiga, should use the money to improve the quality of life of citizens and generate employment, attracting private investment.

The southern regions are the ones that receive the most mining canon. This is because most extractive projects are in this area of ​​the country.

Throughout the south, the district that captures the most resources through canon is Megantoni in Cusco. This town, with just 7,000 inhabitants, received this year more than S/ 254 million. This is more than what the regional governments of Moquegua and Tacna received.

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In Megatoni, in addition to mining projects, the Camisea gas extraction plant is located. In theory, this district should be one of the most developed in the country, but according to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), 86% of the population does not have a drainage service.

In this regard, Lewis Zúñiga points out that municipalities must prioritize closing quality of life gaps. For example, districts should have all basic services, such as water, sewage and electricity. Also build well-equipped health centers, improve schools and improve interconnection roads. Finally, create employment, attracting private investment.

“If you have everything, you can offer companies to develop projects that are not necessarily extractive, but small or large industry. Generating industrial parks where the community can be employed. This would even attract more people to the district, making it grow”, explains the specialist.

The district mayors must promote the contracting of companies that develop good projects. By avoiding corruption and improving efficiency, in a short time the districts where extractive projects are currently being developed could generate other sources of income. “The mine will not be there forever and we must take advantage of this moment to generate development,” concludes Lewis.

You have to know how to choose

Another issue that has to do with the development of the districts is the election of authorities who work for development. “It’s not about choosing the one I like, but the one who could develop good deeds and not white elephants. The big problem is also that around the use of the canon there is a lot of corruption. When we banish that we can grow. We have to put more interest in electing mayors and governors”, says the member of the Development Studies Network.

Source: Larepublica

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