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This week is the deadline for the Executive to deliver the pension reform report

This week is the deadline for the Executive to deliver the pension reform report

Expectations and tensions about the future of the social security reform of the pension system. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreras Miranda, affirmed that By March, a proposal would already be ready from the Executive Branch. which would be forwarded to Congress for evaluation.

“We, as the Ministry of Economy, have a proposal that we are socializing with the respective sectors,” he declared on February 20 at the launch of the Con Punche Peru tourism plan. “We’re going to go for the strategy of a bill so that this can be discussed. I I hope that in March we can present the proposal. Inevitably, this proposal is going to have a significant fiscal cost, but we need to carry out a pension reform,” he added.

However, during the last session of the Labor and Social Security Commission (Friday, March 24), the congresswoman and president of the Economic, Banking, and Finance Commission, Rosangella Barbarán, warned that the Multisectoral Commission —the entity in charge of preparing a proposal to reform the pension system— did not present the corresponding diagnostic report on the established date, for which a term was granted.

In this line, in accordance with Supreme Decree No. 012-2023-PCM, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers authorized to extend the term of validity of the Commission until on May 31, 2023, so that, in June, the proposal should be delivered for the reform of the pension system.

“We met with Prime Minister Otárola and the members of the Multisectoral Commission. What was the response they gave us? They had made no progress. They didn’t even have the diagnosis report,” said Barbarán. “We set a deadline for them to present a diagnostic report to be able to move on to the recommendation report that had to be prepared. This (deadline) expired in December. Now, an extension has been requested until June “.

It should be noted that, in recent days, other proposals are being analyzed by Congress. In said session of the Labor and Safety Commission, the prediction that proposed the creation of a universal integrated pension system (SIUP), which included the public and private systems, as well as the social programs Pensión 65 and Contigo. This was not approved after obtaining 8 votes in favor and 11 against, mainly from congressmen from the Fuerza Popular bench.

For her part, the Association of Pension Fund Administrators (AAFP) It has already presented its reform proposal, which seeks to incorporate independent workers and implement the VAT refund.

Source: Larepublica

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