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Fuel price: where to get 90 octane gasoline from S/ 20?

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The price of gasoline, as well as other fuels, remains high in Peru and affects different economic sectors of the country. In addition to gasohol, other products derived from Petroleum As the diesel and the LPG maintain high prices. However, today Petroperú reported a fall of up to 4.1% in wholesale prices.

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The ‘Facilito’ application, from the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin), shows the fuel price after collecting the information provided by the sales centers. In this note check at what points of Lime Y Callao Gasohol is offered at a lower cost.

Where to buy 90 octane gasohol from S/ 20?

This Thursday, July 14, 90-octane gasohol can be found from S/ 20.68 per gallon in tiewhile the highest price, S/ 26.50, was registered in the Fence of Lima. Check the service stations where this fuel is cheaper:

District Establishment Address Price
tie Ye Petroleum SAC Av. Los Castillo 340, Urb. Industrial Santa Rosa $20.68
tie Servicentro Smile SA Calle Los Orfebreros 129, Urb. Industrial El Artesano $20.69
tie Repsol Comercial S.A.C. Av. Separadora Industrial 3085 $20.69
tie Repsol Comercial S.A.C. Corner of Av. Los Ingenieros and Separadora Industrial 2503 $20.69
tie Repsol Comercial S.A.C. Av. La Molina 448 $20.69
Villa Maria del Tirunfo Melchorita SAC Economic Faucet Jr. Andres Avelino Caceres 995 $20.88
The victory Repsol Comercial S.A.C. Av. Javier Prado Este 1099 $20.99
tie Gas Scorpio SRL Av. La Molina 377-397 S/ 21.00
Lurin Terpel Peru S.A.C. Sublot B-1. Rustic plot. South Pan-American Highway, height Km. 34.5 S/ 21.08
villa the savior Faucets Pebsa S.A. South Pan-American Highway Km. 19.8 $21.09

What is the price of CNG, LPG, diesel and gasohol this July 14?

On the other hand, the 95 octane gasohol It varies between S/ 23.08 (Santa María del Mar) and S/ 28.99 (Miraflores). The 97 octane gasohol It goes from S/ 23.99 (Ate) to S/ 29.89 (Miraflores). The cost of diesel DB5-S50 It is quoted in the range of S/ 15.79 (Villa María del Triunfo) and S/ 20.49 (Santiago de Surco).

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The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for automotive use has a sales value from S/ 7.79 per gallon (San Martín de Porres), to S/ 10.99 (Magdalena del Mar). For its part, the cheapest automotive fuel for sale to the public is vehicular natural gas (VNG), with a value between S/ 1.37 (Ate) and S/ 1.99 (Rímac) per cubic meter.

Source: Larepublica

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