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EH Bildu will present a proposal to radically change industrial policy

EH Bildu will present a proposal to radically change industrial policy

EH Bildu will present a proposal to radically change industrial policy

Public intervention, participation of workers in companies and business entities committed to society. These are three of the keys to the plan drawn up by the sovereignist coalition. The document will be shared with socioeconomic and political agents on Tuesday in Bilbao.

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Euskaraz irakurri: Industria politika errotik aldatzeko proposamena aurkeztuko du EH Bilduk

EH Bildu proposes to transform the current industrial policy, leaving aside the inertia of the past. The coalition sees the Basque economy in a situation of vulnerability, where uprooting, the presence of foreign funds and the loss of strategic companies are gaining more and more strength. Faced with this scenario, he proposes a roadmap with six lines of action, under the title Entrepreneurial Industrial Policyand places special emphasis on the section called Basque Business Model. Encouraging the participation of workers in companies —both in management and in capital— and promoting business entities that are committed to the challenges of society are two of the keys to the new paradigm drawn by EH Bildu. The plan will be presented next Tuesday, March 28, at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao before socioeconomic and political agents from all over the Basque Country.

The sovereignist coalition understands that there is “a historical struggle between two economic directions” worldwide: the neoliberal approach against a model of transformation of the socially just productive system capable of facing social challenges. Based on this analysis, the coalition’s Program Director, Otxandian hair, explains that they are clearly committed to the second option and qualifies which are the guidelines to be followed by public institutions. Among others, the creation of a new broad business structure without vetoes is proposed. “There is a business reality in this country,” he affirms, “that does not feel represented by the hegemonic discourse of Confebask.”

On the other hand, the model designed by EH Bildu would also require legislative changes to guarantee the participation of the employees in the entities. However, Otxandiano points out that it would be enough to adapt and modify certain rules: “There are already formulas.” Along these lines, he highlights the point referred to the “social co-responsibility” of companies. “There is an entrenched socially responsible company, fundamentally medium and small, that has another model and that may be aligned with a more committed industrial policy,” he points out.

Likewise, in terms of taxation, it seeks to leave behind “the Ayuso model that Confebask and the Basque Government have as a reference” to implement “a more democratic and fair system”. The consequences of the strategy set so far are evident, according to Otxandiano: “uprooting, loss of strategic companies and foreign investment funds.” “What we are proposing is not new. In this country there has always been a social economy linked to a business model, which public institutions have not taken into account. Adapting this social industry to the new times is what we want,” he adds. .

Among the measures that are proposed is the reduction of the working day to 32 hours, a debate, says the director of the Program, that “is already on the table” and that “must come hand in hand with the debate on care.” In addition to reconciliation, a fairer distribution of wealth and employment would be the axes.

Finally, EH Bildu believes that all this series of actions must be promoted and coordinated from public institutions through a shared strategy with public and private actors.

The details of the plan will be presented next Tuesday by Otxandiano and the parliamentarian and EH Bildu candidate for the Bizkaia Provincial Council, Iker Casanova, after a brief opening speech that will be given by the coalition’s general coordinator, Arnaldo Otegi. The event can be followed live on the EH Bildu YouTube channel.

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