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Repro AFP III: Economy Commission approves opinion for entities to pay debts to AFPs

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With 9 votes in favor, 0 against and 1 abstention, the Economy Commission congressional approved this afternoon the prediction that establishes, exceptionally, the Scheme for Rescheduling the Payment of Social Security Contributions to the Pension Funds of the Private System of Administration of Pension Funds owed by public entities (Reproduced AFP III), accrued until December 31, 2021, which were not canceled at the time. This project had been proposed by the Executive Power.

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According to data from the Executive, the amount of real debt for this concept amounts to S/ 8,190 million 284,050.

The now opinion seeks to protect the rights of workers so that they can access their social security rights, providing facilities to public entities to comply with the payment of social security contributions owed to the pension funds of the Private Pension System (SPP).

The Repro AFP III It will apply to the specifications of the National Government, Regional Governments, as well as to Local Governments, which may request the rescheduling of their debt to the Administrators of pension funds (AFP), submitting your foster application, until February 28, 2023.

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However, it is specified that those entities that accepted a debt to the rescheduling for debts with the SPP established in Legislative Decree 1275 and/or Emergency Decree 030-2019 will not be able to accept the same debt again to REPRO AFP III.


According to the approved text, which will be submitted to the plenary session of Congress for approval, the duly updated debt, matter of foster care, It may be divided by public entities up to a maximum of 10 years.

In addition, installment installments may be subject to a minimum amount, installment interest, interest applicable to unpaid installments, grounds for loss of the benefit of the Repro AFP IIIamong others.

If the entities consider it convenient and have the financial resources, they can advance the installment installments of the accepted debt, generating a reduction in the corresponding interest.

What is the Repro AFP III?

The benefit of the Repro AFP III consists of the extinction of fines, surcharges and interest that the debt had before being accepted by the entities.

Source: Larepublica

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