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Lima Stock Exchange closes the day with gains in 14 indicators and rises 1.02%

Lima Stock Exchange closes the day with gains in 14 indicators and rises 1.02%

The Lima Stock Exchange closed the session of this Tuesday, March 21, with gains in most of its indices, recording 14 upward indicators and 2 downwards. Thus, the S&P/BVL Peru General Index, the most representative of the Lima stock market, rose 1.02% to 21,653.54 points.

For his part, he S&P/BVL Peru Selective Indexwhich is made up of the most traded shares in the local market, gained 0.51% and settled at 562.13 units.

The financial sector was the one that reported the most gains in the day with an advance of 2.98%, followed by mining (2.46%), services and electricity (0.98%, each) and consumption (0.14%). On the other hand, the items that registered losses were construction (-0.38%) and industrial (0.25%).

Among the local companies that registered the greatest losses were: Buenaventura (-3.57%), Aceros Arequipa (-2.38%) and Agroindustrial Pomalca (-2.31). While those who registered gains were: Banco de Crédito del Perú (5.49%), Southern Copper Corporation (4.78%) and Enel (3.90%).

US market closes positive near daily highs

According to César Romero, Head of Research at Renta4 SAB, shares in the United States rose on Tuesday after US and European efforts to stabilize the banking system.

The S&P 500 rose 1.3%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained nearly 1%. The Nasdaq Composite rose 1.6%. Bond yields are rising, potentially signaling less recessionary momentum from the banking system. The yield on the benchmark 10-year US Treasury note rose 3.6% on Tuesday. At the front of the yield curve, two-year yields rose to 4.2%.

“The policy meeting of the Federal Reserve started on tuesday. The entity’s policymaking committee will take center stage on Wednesday as the benchmark rate will be reviewed. Immediately after the banking crisis, central bank officials face the difficult decision to raise interest rates again or pause amid the turmoil in the banking sector,” Romero said.

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