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Produces does not specify the formalization process of almost 1,000 fishing vessels

Produces does not specify the formalization process of almost 1,000 fishing vessels

Almost 1,000 fishing vessels from the San José, La Tortuga and La Islilla cooperatives would become illegal after July 31, 2023, since they are unable to obtain their fishing permits, despite the fact that 50% of them already have the requirements necessary. The obstacle is due to the fact that the Ministry of Production (Produce) has not yet defined what the procedure for the issuance of this document will be like, in this way it would be 7 years without the authorities concretizing this process.

José Mario Fiestas, manager of the Cooperativa Pesquera San José Limitada, points out that the Minister of Production, Raúl Pérez Reyes Espejo, announced in January that a rule would be published that will facilitate the process of obtaining permits; however, it has not yet been fulfilled.

“They demand many additional things from us that are not indicated in other formalization processes. While others have been given more facilities, we feel left behind because, despite being in the same situation, they impose obstacles on us to move forward,” said the leader .

For his part, Percy Grandez, legal adviser for Marine Governance of the SPDA, specifies that there are no boats from the fishing cooperatives that have this document, despite the fact that more than 50% already have their registration certificate and their protocol of registration. sanitary authorization and are ready to receive their final fishing permit.

“It is essential that Produce approve guidelines for the issuance of definitive fishing permits and that these can be issued, either by the General Directorate of Artisanal Fishing of the Ministry of Production or by the regional governments of Piura and Lambayeque. Otherwise Otherwise, unfortunately, almost 1,000 boats would become illegal if they fail to obtain their permits in July,” he explained to this newspaper.

Source: Larepublica

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