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Salary increase: from when will the increase in the public sector become effective?

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On June 30, representatives of public workers and the Executive They reached an agreement through which a salary increase was agreed. This agreement is historic, as it is the first time they reach an agreement with economic implications.

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In this way, the salary increase will take effect from January 1, 2023. According to official information, about 565,000 public sector workers they will get it. To comply with this agreement, the Condition will allocate S/ 514 million every year, since the nature of the agreement is permanent.

The representatives of the special careers in health and education will negotiate at the sectoral level. Photo: Andean

To which State workers does the increase correspond?

According to the minutes signed on June 30, workers under the regimes 276, 728,CAS, civil service and the diplomatic and penitentiary special careers will obtain this salary improvement. They also specified that the total monthly income of each employee should not exceed the amount of S / 15,600, according to current regulations.

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The agreement signed at the end of the month does not apply to special careers in health and education, management staff and of confidenceneither senior officials. Judges, prosecutors and people from the Armed Forces and police are also excluded. After concluding the national negotiation, the representatives of both parties will go to decentralized tables with unions from each institution.

When will the S/ 550 bonus be paid?

On the other hand, the agreement between unions and the Government also provides for the delivery of a bonus of S/ 550 to the public servers of regimes 276, 728, Civil Service and special penitentiary and diplomatic careers. This benefit will be effective in December 2022

Source: Larepublica

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