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Minister Alex Contreras: “A shock is coming to eliminate mining permits”

Minister Alex Contreras: “A shock is coming to eliminate mining permits”

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex Contrerasinformed that the Peruvian Government will seek to expedite and reduce procedures for mining exploration and exploitation, according to the conclusions obtained during the most important mining convention in the world, PDAC 2023, organized in Canada.

In a dialogue with Radio Nacional, the head of the MEF stated that the new model to encourage investment in mining in Peru —the world’s second largest copper producer— will be presented in the shortest possible time. As recalled, a recent IMF report warned that the Democratic Republic of Congo could displace our country in this market in the coming years.

“We are running on that. When we had to go to Canada with the premier, we took with concern what the investors said, that there is an excess of permits. The premier has already summoned the group of entities where there are greater problems to build an agenda, ” said the head of the MEF.

In this sense, Contreras Miranda pointed out that the Executive will not sacrifice its environmental commitments to promote the portfolio of projects in our country, estimated with a potential investment of more than US$57,000 million, according to data from the sector.

“The MEF has a special team that monitors the investment, but there is a shock of eliminating important permits, but without losing quality, because sometimes it is thought that when one cuts some processes we are losing environmental and cultural material,” the minister said.

“What we have identified are clear opportunities to improve and under the leadership of the PCM and the Presidency we are going to move forward, because we want investment to grow this year,” he added.

Source: Larepublica

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