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Pensioners demand “the immediate application of a minimum pension of 1,080 euros”, without waiting for 2027

Pensioners demand “the immediate application of a minimum pension of 1,080 euros”, without waiting for 2027

Hundreds of pensioners have gathered in Bilbao, as the culmination of a week full of mobilizations, to demand that the minimum pension be 1,080 euros, without waiting for the five years proposed by the Spanish Government.

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Euskaraz irakurri: 1,080 euroko gutxieneko pentsioa “berehala ezartzea” eskatu dute EAEko pentsiodunek, 2027ra itxaron gabe

Hundreds of Basque pensioners demonstrated this Saturday in Bilbao to reject the pension reform approved this week by the Government and already claim a minimum pension of 1,080 euroswithout waiting for 2027, as proposed by the Spanish Executive.

The demonstration has been called by the Movement of Pensioners of Hego Euskal Herria as the final act of the fasting-enclosure to relays that members of said movement have carried out this week in a Bilbao local to demand the minimum pension of 1,080 euros.

The demonstrators, coming from the three Basque territories and some of their municipalities with their own banners and scarves around their necks, have chanted slogans such as “1,080, if you can”“Whoever governs, pensions defend themselves”, “terrorism is not making ends meet” or “Urkullu, listen, struggling pensioners.”

The march led, which has generated some traffic problems in the center of Bilbao, a unitary banner with the main demands of the Basque Pensioners Movement “Pension cuts, no. Minimum pension, 1080 euros”.

Demonstration in Bilbao in defense of decent pensions. Photo: EFE

More than 5 years of claim

The Euskadi Pensioners Movement has been demanding a minimum pension of 1,080 euros in 14 payments for more than five years, considering that it is a basic income so that a pensioner can access a dignified life in their old age, and an effective measure to reduce the gender gap in pensions.

Jon Fano, one of the spokespersons for the Movement, stated in statements to the media before the start of the march that the goal of both the fasting-lockdown as of the demonstration this Saturday is that the different public institutions “assume once and for all, the immediate application of a minimum pension of 1,080 euros”.

“With this mobilization, we also come to show that for the Pensioners Movement not only are today’s pensions important, but just as, or even more, important, are the pensions of the futureTherefore, to defend them, we have also requested the support of union and social organizations”.

The demonstration ended in front of the stairs of the Bilbao City Hallan emblematic place for the movement since it was where it was born five years ago, where its spokespersons read, in Basque and Spanish, a manifesto in which they stressed that “pensioners, after a lifetime of work, are seeing reform after reform our pensions are reduced.

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