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Food supply increased 8.1% this Friday: what products fell in price?

ANDhe Great Wholesale Market of Lima received 7,926 tons of food this Friday, this volume is 8.1% higher than the average 7,333 tons that usually enter on this day. Besides, It is the first day, since Monday, with a positive figure, according to data from the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (midagri).

This portfolio indicated that the delivery has made it possible to maintain stocks of the main foods. Among them, onion (100%), garlic (100%), lemon (100%), carrot (90%), potato (100%), sweet potato (90%), tomato (100%), apple (90% ), orange (100%), papaya (100%), pineapple (90%), banana (100%), among others.

The recovery of carrot stocks should be highlighted, which until this Thursday reached only 10% and today, Friday, rebounded by 90%.

In addition, the prices of around 73% of food that enters this establishment were reduced. The strongest decrease was registered in the wholesale cost of mountain green peas, which fell S/1.30 to S/7.83 per kg. It is followed by the American green beans which, after dropping S/1.03, reached S/2.40 per kg.

The wholesale values ​​of the yellow tumbay potato also plummeted to S/2.43 per kg, American green peas (S/9.63 per kg), bagged lemon (S/3.67 per kg), carrot criolla (S/1.17 per kg), lemon in a drawer (S/3.70 per kg), Peruvian potato (S/2.13 per kg), Andean black potato (S/1.33 per kg), etc. .

In the case of lemon, the cumulative setback since Monday is greater than S/4 per kg.

Food that dropped in price this Friday at the GMML.  Photo.  midagri

Food that dropped in price this Friday at the GMML. Photo. midagri

In contrast, although at margins of less than S/0.20 per kg, the prices of purple garlic (S/5.25 per kg), potato canchán (S/1.48 per kg), tomato (S/2, 22 per kg), mountain green bean (S/2.45 per kg), red head onion (S/1.13 per kg).

Fruit supply recovers

The supply of fruit, after having fallen the day before by more than 20%, in the Fruit Market No. 2 of La Victoria also registered an increase of 9.6% this Friday, with the entry of 2,672 tons compared to the volume average of 2,439 tons.

In the supply center, these products presented various offers, such as Valencian jungle orange from S/1.18 to S/1.14 per kg; red globe grapes from S/1.38 to S/1.35 per kg; jungle papaya from S/1.54 to S/1.48 per kg; banana cake from S/1.48 to S/1.45 per kg; Kent mango from S/1.58 to S/1.55 ​​per kg; Israel apple from S/1.65 to S/1.63 per kg, etc.

Source: Larepublica


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