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Regions ask for a greater presence of the State to reactivate

On the first day of CADE Executives 2021, a total of 16 spokespersons from business associations and academic specialists from the north, south, east and center of the country, in addition to Lima, presented the challenges and opportunities for inclusive economic growth and the generation of well-being. of the citizens of each macro-region.

In the north, they pointed out that the El Niño phenomenon continues to weigh on damage to the productive fields, and they ask to continue with the execution of Reconstruction with Changes at a faster pace. “The emergency for us goes further behind the pandemic, It began with the El Niño phenomenon and we are in the process of Reconstruction with Changes that is progressing at 52%. It is necessary to put emphasis and notoriety in the request to the current Government, “he said. Javier Bereche, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Piura.

Among the voices of the center, it was emphasized that there is a significant income imbalance in the regions and poor public execution. “This has had a correlation in socioeconomic indicators. We see heterogeneity in various indicators, none with efficiency in public spending. We need to attend to a better articulated inclusion between the State, the private sector and civil society ”, he emphasized Fernando Barrios placeholder image, Executive President of the Continental University.

For its part, Carmen Garcia, Executive President of the Peruvian Amazon Research Institute, indicated that in Loreto there is not enough energy capacity to develop a strong industry, and that is why they ask to diversify and not leave it in purely extractive activities such as the exploitation of wood and oil. “We must take into account the great potential of the Amazon region, a green economy that is the best for the world today”, stressed.

From the south, Edy cuéllar, president of the Cusco Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that agribusiness should focus on a sustainable market for which participation is required between the State, producers and private companies.

In Lima they added that the main problem is informality, which has represented a type of “unfair competition” for formal mypes.


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